The WWE Championship post Cena...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. We all know Cena's holding the strap through the summer but who does he drop it to?

    It's been mentioned that a Ryback feud seems an obvious route with a potential alignment shift for Ryback although his ability to work a match still raise question marks IMO, Mark Henry looks like he'll be busy on Smackdown, Punk needs a break from the title scene now IMO, Sheamus hopefully not and who else is there who's credible? One of the Shield are possible if they want to hot shot them I suppose.
  2. An Ambrose-Cena feud is inevitable,
  3. Punk again.
  4. Wouldn't it be incredibly hot shotted though, especially if Dean wins the strap after being on the roster for less than a year (assuming he wins it this summer.)
  5. :eww: he needs to stay away for a while IMO, he shouldn't be caught up in the title scene for too long.
  6. Sheamus disagrees.
  7. And how it failed miserably leaving him still struggling to recover? Yeah I remember it and Ambrose shouldn't be forced into that predicament this early.
  8. That's the way of the 'E.

    If Vince likes him, he'll by WWE Champ by the end of 2013.
  9. Sheamus, due to the Shamrock side plates we saw.
  10. I doubt Vince / HHH is as high on Dean as they were on Sheamus lol.
  11. Not with that tounge of his.

    :ksi: :vince:
  12. Mark "Ratings" Henry.

    Ambrose could conceivably do it (remember when we all thought ADR should have won the belt a few months after he debuted) just to make sure he doesn't lose momentum, but just can't see Ambrose being pushed that hard.

    I'll gladly grab that crow and gobble it up with a smile if Ambrose does win
  13. Henry's gonna dominate the WHC scene IMO.
  14. Personally I'd like to see it on someone like Cesaro, though probably it would be too soon to push him upto that level? well that's my two cents.
  15. Cena/Ambrose feud would be :fap: worthy, but I kinda agree with Seabs that it is early for Dean to win the title.

    I think he will most likely drop it to Ryback, especially with the reports that they are considering turning him heel to feud with Cena.

    Anyway, the important thing for me is Cena shouldn't hold the title for too long, a 2 or 3 months reign is enough IMO.
  16. I wouldn't be against that in all honesty, he's established as a singles midcard guy and come Summerslam with the correct build could be ready.
  17. I hope so, I've enjoyed his work as the USA champion, but feel he could elevated to work with the higher superstars as he's a great worker in the ring.
  18. I think Ryback needs to be the one who wins it. They've built him up as their next big star only to have him job out multiple times. I don't think ring ability has any bearing on whether they're gonna have him win it or not, if he remains over as a face or gets over as a heel then they'll be happy enough to and I'd agree with the decision.

    If the Shield stay together and are unbeaten after 'Mania then one of them has to take it IMO, but I don't think that's likely.
  19. I don't have any issues with Ryback winning it, as long as he keeps his tweener-like character and doesn't end up being the smiling fan-hugging super face. Otherwise, after a inevitably long Cena face run, I wouldn't mind a heel having a go again. Ambrose is obviously the first shout but I doubt he'll be pushed that hard and maybe it is too soon; it all depends on what he is doing beforehand. Cesaro would be dope, Hall of Pain Henry would be even better, but I can see it being someone like heel Orton.
  20. I kinda agree with, Ryback must win the championship this year IMO, he lost enough big matches already.

    Cena/Heel Orton, although I would like to see it again, I just don't think they will go with it though, since this feud dominated 2007-2009.

    Cesaro and Henry would also be interesting, although I think Cesaro needs more time, for some reason I just don't think he is ready to be in the title scene, although I'm a big fan of his.
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