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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. How would you rank the superstars in WWE, not based on our own perception, but in WWE's. Basically who do you think is the strongest booked guys kayfabe wise? When ordering ask yourself "if these two were to wrestle 10 times who would go over more often?". Who does WWE 'protect' ie guys who you are shocked to see lose.

    using that criteria here is my opinion

    1.) The Rock
    2.) John Cena
    3.) Undertaker
    4.) Brock Lesnar
    5.) HHH
    ---The Unquestionable top 5 IMO. 4 part timers & Cena.---
    6.) CM Punk
    --Easy. Punk is in a tier of his own IMO. He isn't the same level as the top 5, but is ahead of the next tier--
    7.) Sheamus +1
    8.) Del Rio -1
    9.) The Shield
    10.) Ryback
    10A.) Big Show
    ---A tier of superstars that has had a lot of interaction amongst itself. Sheamus is still HHH's boy, and I think he goes over the Shield at Mania. The Shield has been going over in those 6 man tags, but I'm not sure how long that lasts. They go ahead of Ryback because of those matches. Big Show catches the ass end of the top 10 because they still clearly value him, though it seems overtly clear to everyone that he should be putting guys over at this point, not being one of the most protected guys still to this day. Del Rio tops this tier as he seems to be the newest superface---
    11.) Mark Henry
    12.) Daniel Bryan
    13.) Miz
    14.) Kane
    15.) Ziggler
    ---This tier starts to get into mid carders, which being the most important mid carder in WWE is like being the best 5'10 white guy on your basketball team. Henry will job at Mania but is still built as a monster. Bryan/Kane is self explanatory, obviously D Bry will go over in their feud eventually. Miz ahead of Ziggler because WWe clearly love that little fuckhead. Ziggler at 15 even though he is a jobber just because of his pending push.--
    16.) Cesaro- Best US Champ since Ziggler, same results. He might fall into the category of "Too good a worker for his own good" because WWE tends to use those guys to make others look good and ignore their booking
    17.) Randy Orton- damn, remember when he was the unquestioned #2 for a couple of years? Nice to see things working out in 2013 with his ass down here where he belongs. I should probably have him ahead of DZ though because if they wrestled tonight I'd expect Orton to go over
    18.) Jack Swagger +2
    19.) Chris Jericho -1
    20.) Wade Barrett- IC CHamp deserves the last spot on the list.

    Critique away and put your own order.

    Updated as of 3/11/13 Raw
  2. 1) Vince
    2) Cena
    3) HHH
    4) Taker
    5) Everybody else.
  3. Rock > Cena, HHH, Taker
  4. 1. Vince
    2. HHH - He has a lot of say backstage
    3. John Cena
    4. The Rock
    5. CM Punk
  5. Del Rio over Sheamus? Really? I'm not convinced there.
  6. Those two seem interchangeable. One is HHH's boy and the other is Vince's. They both got insta pushes on Raw resulting in WWE title runs and both were depushed to the WHC. It could go either way from here
  7. Del Rio has lost cleanly and put over a lot more stars though. Even recently during his WHC reign he's had to win dirty sometimes. I guess that counts.
  8. 1. Vince
    1.5. HHH
    2. Rock
    3. 'Taker
    4. Cena
    5. Nobody else because they are insignificant.
  9. "When ordering ask yourself 'if these two were to wrestle 10 times who would go over more often?'" And people are putting Vince at number one? Okay . . .

    Anyway, as with every thread like these, especially when posted by Dolph's, Lockard, or Seabs, of the forum I tend to agree with the OP almost entirely. Their are a few alterations I'd make, like for example I'm with Crayo that Sheamus would rank above Del Rio, but all those are pretty insignificant changes.
  10. Top 5 most protected.

    1.The Rock
    2. Undertaker
    3. Triple H
    4. Brock Lesnar
    5. John Cena

    Top 5 Least Protected
    1. Yoshi Tatsu
    2. Zack Ryder
    3. 3MB
    4. Wade Barrett
    5. Santino Marella.
  11. Going off of Raw last night we had:

    10 Big Show vs Rollins (9, Shield). Right next to one another on the list, and as you would expect from the 'E we got no finish here. Big Show gets some protection and both the Shield and Big Show stay put.

    Ziggler (15) vs Bryan (12)-- this really caught me off guard. I fully expected Bryan to win and DZ to continue jobbing. I am leaving the rankings as is despite this result and I will tell you why. 1.) I feel this match result will be used to continue the Kane/DB feud. DB lost because he was facing basically a 3 on 1. They will use this and have DB confront Kane about not having his back. That may have happened last night, I left the house soon after this match. Also consider that DB is in the most properly built feud heading towards Mania w/ Kane, and DZ is still wondering if he will be on the card (we assume Jericho or a throw away multi-man match)

    Henry (11) over Kofi (UR)- well duh, Henry wins. Beating Kofi does nothing for anyone. Henry/Big Show is a very close race, but considering Big Show was the one to derail Henry's momentum during his last push I will leave him slightly ahead for now.

    Ryback (10) over Slater (UR)- again, duh. Nothing to see here.

    ADR (8) over Cesaro (17)- I didn't see the match but I'm assuming it got some time to run and Cesaro looked decent? If so than he will stay put, even with Orton nipping at his heels.

    Team Gingerboring (7,17) vs Rhoades Schollies (19)- Didn't see the match but the outcome was obvious. Where are they going with this Orton/Sheamus shit? So weird. I'm officially taking the Rhoades Scholars OFF the power ranking list to make room for someone else

    Jericho (19) vs Miz (13) no contest. I felt confident in having Jericho so far down on the list, and this shows why. The guy is here to job. I should probably get him off my list completely. Miz meanwhile is nearly ready to surpass DB, as he seems poised for another mid card belt run soon. (lol, whoopty fucking doo, right?)

    Swagger (19) over No face. I forgot Swagger on my initial rankings, but have him in now. Not sure what to make of him because the push is out of left field and we don't know what will happen with him after this feud.

    Kane (13) over Punk (6)- normally 13 beating 6 would result in some changes being brought about, but I am holding pat here. Clearly the loss to Kane is only to be used to further the feud between Punk and Taker. I still think it's pretty retarded to have Punk job to kane and still expect us to believe he has a snowball's chance in hell vs Taker. and yes, I know the win was "dirty" for Kane because Punk was "distracted" but still.
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  12. 1. Money
    3. Vince McMahon
    4. Money
    5. Money
  13. Thread restored. Silly R'Albin.
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