The WWE Network apps are awful

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Adam., Jul 30, 2016.

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    These WWE Network apps are truly awful, I am specifically saying this from an IOS, PC and Xbox user and boy they are something awful. I'll break them down 1 by 1.


    Videos are choppy for the first few minutes whenever I skip matches or start a video, missing thumbnails, crashes, constant log outs, errors when launching videos (I've had full days where no videos at all will launch) and very slow UI especially when returning to the homepage. Watch from the beginning does not work on Xbox.


    For starters its really annoying to actually launch the network on PC, even if I'm logged in it takes me to an ad asking me to either take the tour or sign up and in the corner it says watch because I'm logged in. Why can't it just auto take me to the homepage since it knows I'm logged in?

    Volume will not remain between videos and the ugly and slow UI for a paid service is an annoyance.


    Again choppy videos, terrible UI and login issues as the app will forget my login details even when I close the app.

    Universal Issues:

    Missing settings, why can't we turn off age warnings before videos? Why can't we fast forward through age warnings and the whole "Does not represent WWE etc" warnings? We've seen them so many times its annoying. Why are their ads on a paid service? I don't mind things like the Cruiserweight Classic ads since its Network stuff but Tapout ads are really obnoxious on a paid service.

    I'm not trying to boycott the network because I sure as hell wont be paying £15 a month for PPV when I can get it cheaper but they really need to improve on this shit, Its been 2 years and a lot of these issues haven't been resolved. The choppy video one is the worst because it happens during live PPVs too.

    Edit: Also on no apps can you choose the video playback quality.
  2. I've only used the network on my phone and ps4 so I don't have much to complain about. I've seen it used on a Roku and it was a terrible set up.

    The options for playback quality would be nice when I'm on my phone or when my internet is screwing up.

    The warnings, etc, have to be there, but I don't understand why they are the way they are. I don't get that 5 second clip (or do i?) when I watch RAW, so why the network? The "does not represent" stuff has to be in for legal purposes I'm sure.

    The ads are there because, why not.

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    The network on PS4 is great, other than the live streams going in 5 second loops at times. Xbox really isn't good for anything other than playing Xbox games. Not sure why.
  3. The app is okay, but needs tighter code and better stability.

    I just don't like the lack of features. I don't like that new PPV's don't allow you to do chapter by chapter, instead you gotta rewind or fast forward everything. The interface is a little slow at times and looks way too bland.

    It needs some tender love and care but it's now awful.
  4. I've used it on my PC, PS3 and my Android and haven't had any issues with any of them. In the beginning, it would freeze up a lot but that was because we had two many active wireless channels on our router. Once I shut down the guest network I've never really had any issues with it.

    Personally I like it on my PC the most. I do NOT like running it in Chrome though. I use Internet Explorer ONLY for watching the WWE Network because it seems to run well on it.
  5. PS4 app sucked for a while, but it's fine as wine now. Still the layout is fucking horrible, but it doesn't matter since I barely use it.
  6. I didn't have an issue when I used it on the PC. :quimby:
  7. What country are you from? For me, it goes straight to the live stream.
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