The WWE Review Marathon

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  1. So, I started a blog challenge over on this blog.
    The challenge, of course, being to write up and review every televised WWE program from 1993-2013 and continuing live from there (including pay-per-views and a few other miscellaneous tidbits like Yokozuna's slam challenge in '93, occasional Saturday Night's Main Event episodes, and Tribute to the Troops) and excluding Byte This (because it's stupid) and WWF Superstars, Heat, and Velocity (because they're almost impossible to find on the internet). In simpler terms, this includes RAW, SmackDown, ECW, NXT, Main Event, the modern WWE Superstars and pay-per-views.
    This all basically means that I'm going to have to cover a lot of ground and if I take some sort of daily post scheme for it it'll never be finished, which is why there'll be a huge output of posts on the blog. 5 or 6 per day, I'm thinking.
    Anyway, before this becomes pointless rambling, I'll just get to the point. Enjoy my posts and look out for more content after the WWE Marathon is over.
    A few people have asked me if I'm going to do WCW afterwards...maybe *wink*
  2. look forward to seeing it
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