Spoiler The Wyatt Family vs Brothers of Destruction?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolphbk, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. Here to see peoples view on "if" this Match would happen, Who Should/Would go over?


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  4. I would definitely like to see this match. They contrast well and are both sick, demented teams. I think the Wyatt Family would go over though (If it wasn't at WrestleMania) by taking the Undertaker out of the equation and triple teaming on Kane like they have in the past.
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  5. Yes i totally agree its hard to let anything derail the success of the deadman so a loss wouldnt hurt and a win for the wyatts would be huge
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  6. Exactly. A win against the Undertaker would take them to new heights.
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  7. We have a Foley fan. :yes:
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  8. Don't think Brothers of Destruction will team up again if I'm honest, but I'd like it. I don't see the match as something possible, but it'd be a great match
  9. Seeing the BoD putting the Wyatts over would be really awesome.
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  10. Please do.. and it probably will since they possibly mentioned Taker "What if I told you, your old flesh and blood betrayed you?" or some shit like that.
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  12. I'd love to see Kane and Taker vs. The Wyatts.
  13. Of course Kane/Taker should go over, they need the rub!
  14. Not sure. If this were to happen I'd like a pay off between Bray & Taker, otherwise having Taker there looks rather pointless. I know he can back his brother up, but to bring family affection into a feud like Bray / Kane requires regular appearances imo.
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