The Wyatts vs The Shield

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solid Snake, Jan 22, 2014.

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  1. Who do you think out ranks the other?

    I am not just talking wrestling skill or mic skill, just the over all package of each group as a whole.
  2. Gosh I really want to see a match where they face off. I think the Wyatts would win because Roman Reigns carries the Shield. Ambrose and Rollins know they are nothing without him. How many times do we really see Ambrose or Rollins end a match? I'd say Roman Reigns owns at least 8/10 of the Shield's matches. So I'd say the Wyatts can beat the Shield. But anyway Wyatts vs Shield is a must see match. Plus I think WWE will start pushing the Wyatts more.
  3. Well everyone knows how i feel about a certain member in the shield holding them back. However...

    I feel like they still could beat the wyatt's.
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  4. I just wanna see Reigns vs Harper. Should be a good match.
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  5. That would be an interesting match.
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