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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Danielson, Oct 28, 2013.

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  1. Holy cow! A lot of us on here didn't think they were being used properly, and last night they not only take out Bryan, but Cm Punk as well. What do you think is in store going forward? I'd love to hear your thoughts/impressions/ predictions on the night and for the future of all parties involved.
  2. They've been booked great tonight and I love it. I don't know what this means going forward though,are they replacing The Shield as The Authority's henchman?
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  3. It's Shield 2.0, don't like it at all. Would've enjoyed it a lot more if they stood up and took out the Shield claiming that they are the dominant force in WWE.
  4. I see CM Punk and Daniel Bryan teaming together to face off against the Wyatt Family in a handicap match at Survivor Series. Meanwhile, Randy Orton defends the title against the Big Show after HHH rehires him and gives him a title shot when he and Steph realize that Show's lawsuit could cost WWE millions and isn't worth taking on.

    I also don't see the Wyatt Family as a replacement for The Shield. The Shield, not the Wyatts, were the ones still standing in the ring with Orton/HHH/Steph as their muscle tonight. I think the Wyatts are acting entirely on their own, not at the behest of the Authority. This feud is to give Bryan and Punk something to do to kill time before Punk gets his shot against Orton and before Bryan gets another crack at the title himself (by winning the Royal Rumble.) I am surprised about Kane's "heel turn", though, I figured the second the Wyatts attacked Bryan, it was gonna lead to his old friend Kane coming to his aid eventually to continue his own feud with the family, but guess not. (Bryan/Kane could be happen at TLC, though.)
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  5. I could see that happening down the line. Triple H and Stephanie could say that The Shield has let them down time and time again so they've upgraded to a more dominant group. It could lead to a feud between the two,but, The Shield would have to play faces and personally I just don't think that would work out well.
  6. They could try to pull an APA style face where they don't give a shit and beat everyone's ass
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  7. I hope the Wyatts are acting on their own, just doing their own creepy shit. Strange how Punk and DB are involved. For Punk it's a step up, but for DB I guess it's a step down. If he's going to be feuding with the Wyatts, I guess he won't main eventing again for a while, which is pretty sad. Hopefully his push isn't over, but WWE does have a habit of dropping the ball.
  8. Survivor series...
  9. The Wyatts vs Punk & Bryan 3-on-2 handicap match at Survivor Series, I'd guess.
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  10. I wish we got an explanation because it came off a bit Shield-ish, but I marked regardless. Wyatt is the most interesting character in WWE right now by a country mile.
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  11. Going after the company's top babyfaces. Something they should have done as soon as they debuted. Lots of fans won't seem them as a serious threat now which is a shame.
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  13. They may not be working for the authority, but I would LOVE it if they were. I mean Kane just gave himself to the authority right. That leaves a glimmer of hope open for Kane-Wyatts collaboration, which I really want to see.

    This is a huge bump for them though. They just started a feud with 2 of the biggest babyfaces out there right now. Glad Bray got better quick enough from that leg injury.
  14. I don't think we'll know until we find out who "the devil" is. Or, the devil could just be Bray's fantasy figure directing him to take on Bryan and Punk (who knows, there could be a third face added to this group...Ziggler maybe?), leading to the Wyatt's against Punk, Bryan, and the third guy (if there is one).

    I think there's more to this than just the Wyatts acting on their own, but I also don't really want them to just take over for the Shield. It's definitely got me intrigued, though.

  15. Oh man if the Authority has the Wyatts AND the Shield - DAMN
  16. There's probably more to the feud with the "devil" mention, but seeing as all the other cryptic parts of their feuds since their debut have led to nothing I see this just leading to a one-off Survivor Series match.
  17. I think they've been used properly from the start. They're huge stars, and they have a bright future ahead of them.
  18. PS, I think they're setting up for the fabled Wyatts VS Shield feud down the line...
  19. Someone on WF had a Russo-esque idea that the Wyatts have actually been behind everything that's been going on in the company for the past couple of months with Triple H and Stephanie. The idea is that Wyatt has the two of them brainwashed and is controlling and guiding their actions and stuff. This is obviously not the way the storyline is heading (and makes no use of Wyatt's mention of "the devil", though that's probably just Wyatt being cryptic in his promos as usual) but regardless, it's a fun idea to think about.
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  20. I keep focusing on "the devil made me do it" I really can't wait to see if that means anything.
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