The Xanth appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Stopspot, May 28, 2012.

  1. @[Xanth]


    Enjoy Xanth you glorious mountain of a man :burns:
  2. LMFAO, but now I'm hungry.
  3. /me offers Crayo some of his cockmeat sandwich.
  4. /me's screwed for his finals!
  5. Fat half-breed. :steiner:
  6. /me fancies some of Kyle's sandwich.
  7. Xanth appreciation?

    :haha: gtfo
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  8. Note that Xanth has yet to reply to this thread. He is off eating all the food I posted. He's on thirds now.
  9. /me approves of this thread. Also, fuck up Jose.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Breaking news: Xanth has been recruited into Epic Meal Time to take over for Muscles glasses when it comes to eating. World hunger increases.
  12. Xanth has zero muscles. He resorts to actually lying to me in Skype about going to the gym lmfao *true story btw*.
  13. U wanna skype crayo?
  14. Listening to music + RAW is on later. I don't skype Monday nights. You're welcome to join me and @[Xanth] tomorrow.
  15. When Xanth was interviewed for his new gig he had the following to say.

  16. I know you Skyped with Stopspot last Monday! :upset:

    But if you don't wanna Skype with me it's :okay:
  17. We didn't Skype Jose. We used the chat function but never used microphones.
  18. Oh wait, I thought you meant actually speaking. All I do is type with Stopspot.

    You have me on MSN so why do you want to type to me on Skype?

  19. We should organize a big forum convo sometime though. Maybe in the summer.
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