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  1. Is it possible this year? To be honest, this has been the most unlikely period where he'd turn heel to be honest. He had a perfect chance to last year against Rock in his home town, and if they didn't follow through there I have no reason to see them doing it this year.

    Does anyone think it's possible though? Would be quite excited to read some potential scenarios.
  2. Yeah, it's possible.

    Maybe he's so worried about losing to the rock x2 that he hires the services of the shield, or maybe they help him out because Rocky is PT.

    More likely scenerio, Super Cena wins and stays baby face :yay:
  3. I suppose him doubting he can beat Rock so requiring outside help is an option. It's unlikely however but isn't it always?
  4. No. But IF someone put a gun to Vince's head and forced him to do it, then for storylines purposes, it would be somewhat logical. Cena could say he wasn't about to lose to The Rock AGAIN, and go on another terrible year without the WWE Championship. Similar to Austin in 2001 aligning with Vince as a way of ensuring he'll be world champ for as long as he can no matter what it takes, Cena could go on a similar path. He could say he's finally ditched the image the company (and only the company) wants him to portray and throw away all the silly "Rise Above Hate" nonsense. Cena could even hire The Shield to help him at Wrestlemania and stuff, since they're open to being hired to target certain people if they see it for a just cause.

    But that is just pure fantasy, and I don't really want to see it yet.
  5. If Cena EVER turns heel for as long as this forum is active I will write <3 Cena on my asscheeks and take a pic.
  6. He won't turn Heel. I'm like 100% sure on this, I don't think he really wants to :/
  7. He won't turn heel . The WWE doesn't have anyone at his level .
    Ryback? Sheamus? The shield has been superior so the have lose credibility .
    Orton wants to turn heel .
    No more people left so no .
  8. Well, if he turns heel, would the kiddies really start to get pissed off? Would that get them to turn off or give him legit heel heat?

    If it's legit heat, they can obviously use that to create a replacement... meaning Sheamus or Ryback would eventually be going over heel Cena and becoming the new top face of the company... may as well just stick with Cena lol
  9. The opportunity is there, just waiting for him to say he will not lose and turn ala Austin in 2001 by beating Rock up with a chair. Would be great. Don't think it'll happen though.
  10. Can he? Yes.

    Will he?
  11. I will not belive until I see it! But theonly way he does is that need a guy really take his plays as the top face, and with CM Punk now a heel the only way cena turning heel if if Punk turing face! As when stone cold turn heel in 2001 that had the rock as the top face. But Rock is part time now. So Punk would become a face since he the only 1 at cena and rock level right now.
  12. Write? U mean tattoo it fella.
  13. I do :lol1:
  14. Cena Doesn't need to turn heel. A lot of fans seem to hate him judging by the amount of Cena Sucks chants there are.
  15. It's possible, but I don't think he turns heel, he'll face Rocky and won't change like last year, he'll still saying the same things "there's people who support me and like what I do and other people who don't"
  16. Good point. In terms of pure drawing, doesn't a face Cena draw the "Cena Sucks" crowd just as well? We love seeing Cena lose matches just fine, it's not all X-Pac heat, and most of us are fans of whatever heel they're pushing.
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  17. Cena would make a good heel, but we know WWE will never turn him. I have made countless CAWs of my rendition of a heel Cena on all of the WWE games.

    Wrestlemania this year is super predictable. We already know who will win. Same goes for Raw or SmackDown. I can call every match right down the middle and am rarely wrong
  18. :facepalm1:

    Haven't everyone learned their lesson? Cena will turn heel if penguins will be seen in Miami. :emoji_wink:
  19. It would be "hasn't", and not "haven't".
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  20. Cray Cray! My Grammar Nazi Boy! Nice to have you back!

    Back on topic, unless Cena stops generating reaction at all, either cheers or boos, WWE wouldn't think of their pretty boy to be needing a changin'. :emoji_wink: :neymar2:
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