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While Kenny Omega took the confrontational route when addressing NXT as a main competitor to All Elite Wrestling, The Young Bucks went the opposite direction. When asked by talkSPORT if they watched the debut on USA Network, they had this to say:

Nick: I watched some of it. Matt and I, we have a lot of friends there. Candice LeRae, we have a history with so I was happy for her. She was in the first match in the four-way and she did great, so I was happy for her. It was a fun show, but in 10 weeks from now, those fans might get tired. It happened with IMPACT. It took a while, but some of those shows at the Universal studios…[laughs] – those crowds were dead. It’s definitely possible that this happens to this NXT audience because it’s the same formula.

Matt: I’m rooting for them, though. I want them to have a good show. Ours is just going to be better.
That’s a diplomatic approach that somehow manages to be fair with its criticisms. Nick is right, it’s at least possible the Full Sail crowd burns out as it gets two hour shows on a weekly basis. Then again, the audience NXT has been attracting has remained rabid for years with a strong appreciation for that particular brand of wrestling.

That brand, by the way, is full of wrestlers who previously ran the same scene AEW has plucked many of its stars from. Hence the respect and willingness to play nice, even if it would be better for business not to be.

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