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  1. Was not sure where to put this due to their Japan commitments but anyway I saw a similar thread elsewhere and I know a few on here tsar and leo c who dislike them. I do not mind them despite every single match being structured the same and they are quite funny but I do not get why they are so big like they are despite their laziness in ring. All they do is their sig spots an superkicks, they do not do any individual moves whatsoever. As i said I do not mind them at times but to warrant the New japan hard on and booking they get in general is bizzare
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  2. They're lame.
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  3. The fans love stuff that entertains so that means they'll always get booked to do those things and win.
  4. When I think of the phrase "Spot monkey" - they come to mind. They can have a good back and forth match, without any superkicks and their match at Global Wars proved that. They are funny and are good in a number of aspects, but they're just so repetitive. They hardly ever do anything but super kicks and their horrendously named spots. Indy Taker? Meltzer Driver? Got to be kidding me.

    Another thing that annoys me about them is their fans. The same people that rag on Cena for doing 5 moves, cheer for guys that do 1. I'm pretty sure I've said that their gimmick is the guys that do Superkicks.

    Not saying they aren't entertaining because they can be. But they're lazy, repetitive, and the few actual moves they do are over-complicated spots that are accurately named like shit.
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  5. Way too into their gimmick for me. That isn't always a bad thing, but it is in their case. 5 suck its *superkicks* you're dead *the tag team rolling backbreaker you've seen them do every match* too sweet me. Etc etc. Just meh.
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  6. They take themselves way too seriously. They know that their schtick works, and refuse to deviate or adapt it one bit. And when criticized they go on the automatic defensive, often by bringing up how much money they make off of t-shirts.

    A prime example is the recent Bullet Club angle that took place at Global Wars. They are set up as the biggest of heel groups in the company, and they immediately start pandering to the crowd. They refuse to be the heels they are presented as, which ruins the narrative presented.

    That these two have built a mini empire off of their own sweat and tears is commendable. But I tired of them rather quickly. The charm wears off rather fast.
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  7. Yeah, as much as I don't like them I don't blame them for doing the same shit as for some reason everyone loves it. I'm really not sure why, I get why some people would like them but them being the most over act on the indies for so long is odd for me.
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