The Young Bucks/Generation Me On Their Way Back to TNA?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Feb 19, 2013.

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    In an interview with PWInsider TV, TNA Alumni, Max and Jeremy Buck (aka Generation Me) stated that they would likely be returning to TNA in 2013. Max stated they have been in talks with the promotion and both sides have shown interest but scheduling conflicts have prevented an immediate resigning. Jeremy Buck also added TNA is the best place for them and that they will most likely never go to WWE due to the schedule and not wanting that crazy of a work schedule.

    Holy shit if yes!:yes:

    These two have already been in TNA in 2010 and 2011, but were not used well enough. Since then, they've been fucking brilliant on the indys (especially in PWG) and I'd welcome them back, even though they have issues with BVD.

    Check their TNA work:

  2. They're awesome, saw them live a few times with RoH. Considering how many high spots they do, they rarely, if ever, botch.
  3. I'm sceptic. They've signed a one year deal with DGUSA/Evolve and TNA doesn't allow talent to appear for other promotions that have a TV,PPV or IPPV distribution plan.
  4. And please let them be their own heels, TNA, just like you let Daniels & Kaz do it by themselves and it turned out gold. These two know to be even better and more entertaining than WTTCOTW a lots of times.
  5. Sounds good, would help the tag division a lot.
  6. If serious, im down for sure.
  7. If they return to TNA good for them but I think it will only be for one of the one night specials. TNA doesn't allow talent to perform for other promotions who distribute via TV, PPV, IPPV or DVD and the Bucks are signed for every DGUSA and Evolve event during 2013 under contract.
  8. Yeah i saw that before. Do you watch both those online somewhere?
  9. One can acquire the DVDs online. I am waiting for the first 2013 events to come out in good quality. Best in ring content in America now apart from PWG.
  10. pm links?
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