News The Young Bucks on signing with WWE: ‘We’ll see what happens’

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Jul 7, 2018.

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    In light of their popularity and Vince McMahon’s overflowing coffers, the possibility of the Being The Elite crew being scooped up by WWE has been on a lot of fans minds.

    Seeing as we already got Kenny Omega’s sort-of answer on the question, it figures Matt and Nick Jackson were asked about it at the G1 Special in San Francisco press conference yesterday (July 6). The Young Bucks signed deals with Ring of Honor (ROH) and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) in late 2016, and its believed those were for two years. Matt seems to confirm that, while playing it coy about finally joining The ‘E, with his answer (via Wrestling Inc):

    “Contract season is coming up, we’ll see what happens. It’s for our families, that’s basically what I think it comes down to at this point.”

    There’s not much there, but folks hoping/fearing The Bucks will end up on one of Vince’s brands might see it as the latest sign the Jacksons, like Omega, sound more open to the idea than they’ve been in the past.

    Looking at it another way, though, it would be really dumb of Matt and Nick to close the door on a big money proposition like signing with WWE right before opening negotiations with ROH, NJPW and others. And even The Bucks critics wouldn’t accuse them of being bad businesspeople.

    We’ll see how “contract season” progresses. And await Cody Rhodes’ answers from his G1 Special media appearances in 3... 2... 1...

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  2. If Kenny and The Bucks ever signed with WWE, their character will die, their matches will just be meh, and will be jobbers as a way to stick to NJPW and wrestling fans...
  3. Why would the Bucks sign?.. They're a tag team and look how useless the tag team division in WWE are.. They're making so much money on the indy's right now, going to WWE would seem like a downgrade.

    I can see Kenny Omega going one day, but not the Bucks or even Cody.
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  4. I really couldn't see Kenny going just because WWE would downplay him, you know. He couldn't be...well himself like he is in NJPW instead we would get Kenny Omega Light, and that would suck.
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  5. Depends. He could potentially have a big run like AJ Styles, or they might not know what the fuck to do with him, like a lot of people in WWE.. I think he could have a solid run though.

    I just don't want the Young Bucks to get mixed up in this dead tag team division, they'll end up like Anderson and Gallows.
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  6. I mean I could see him have a run like AJ, but I still very highly doubt it, and WWE wouldn't know what the fuck to do with him like you said, and they would severely limit his moveset like getting rid of the One Winged Angel, Snap Dragon Suplex, and the V-Trigger.

    Oh, I agree because the tag team division is dead just like the Universal Title. So I highly doubt they would after all the legal troubles they have had with WWE and just like Kenny their character would be toned way down. Because remember if you weren't trained by WWE you're garbage.
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