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The Young Bucks cant stop talking about The Revival on Twitter. They recently blamed The Revival for Nick Jackson’s backpack being stolen and now they decided to take another shot at them.

This time around they posted a photo of a sign that reads “Pray for Revival” on Twitter and indicated that they already have “tag team of the year” in the bag.

We're half way through the year and it looks like we have another Tag Team Of The Year award locked up….

— The Young Bucks (@NickJacksonYB) July 15, 2017

Which team do you think is the better team? Sound off in the comment section below…

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I dnt know much bout either of these two
The Young Bucks a tag team who are members of the group Bullet Club and they wrestle mostly in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor. They are known for their insane high-flying moves and over-use of the Super Kick. Some enjoy them for their fast-paced offense, others find it "too much" I myself enjoy them just for their YouTube show and if I turn my brain off for their matches, I can have a laugh and I can see their appeal.

The Revival is a WWE tag team, former two-time NXT Champions and are basically the opposite of the Young Bucks, bruiser technicians who are masters of tag team psychology. They had amazing matches with DIY and American Alpha and run off the mentality of "No Flips, Just Fists." Also, they have an awesome theme song.

This is more the Young Bucks taking a tease at them due to that and on their YT show "Being The Elite" they make jokes about them including a long running gag of "Fuck the Revival" where Cody (Rhodes) who used to be in WWE and is a member of Bullet Club who appears a lot on their show is usually the one to say it, but others have too. Here is an example.


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