The YWC's Finest! (The Best YouTube Comments)

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    Guys & Girls, these comments you are about to read will go down as some of the greatest pieces of literature of the modern era, enjoy.

    This first piece shows this person's abstract thinking at its best: hoop.GIF

    The second piece shows that person does not belive that Ricardo is legitimately "suspend", and revealing to world that Pro Wrestling is "fakeeeee" yuiop.GIF

    The last piece of brilliance comes to us from the user "Frankie Smales", and he has uncovered a massive conspiracy about the demise of WCW.....This is love, This
    Gospel (open)
    bbb.GIF .

    Post your own masterpieces here.
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    . 3h4xv.gif
  2. What in the mother loving fuck was that :senhor:
  3. It something Shakespeare whoulbe proud of.
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