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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by TheBrownienator, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. Hi, I'm TheBrownienator and I'm coming from the WWE forum, Harrison Payne told me about here and I decided to sign up and try it out. I hope to have as much fun on this site as I have ad on TheWWEForum!
  2. Good to see you here.

    Is their some kind of problem on TWF, a whole bunch of guys from their are coming over. Anyways, welcome aboard and have fun!
  3. Its not really a problem just a lot of people have been leaving the site so I wanted to find a site that is similar but has more people and Harrison Payne told me about here.
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  4. Oh. Well you'll be surprised by the similarities.
  5. I already am, so far it looks very similar and I noticed that you guys have a Bready World Order too.
  6. Yeah a lot of guys like Tumbas, Muuuftah and THG are on this site, If you need help with anything I'm open.
  7. Thanks I'll just try to fit in and have a good time here and if I'm having trouble I'll send you an inbox.
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  8. Welcome sir.. pull up a stool, relax, and have a cold one.
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  9. He's 13:boss:
  10. But I don't drink, a well *goes to get a bottle of beer*
  11. Actually I'm 75, but I didn't tell anyone....(just kidding)
  12. 13-75,

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  13. Uhhhhhhhh....yeah I'm just going to forget you said that.
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  14. Please do. Welcome to the site, ignore our gallery of crazies long enough to find some pretty intelligent people!
  15. Hopefully I'll find more intelligent people than crazy people.
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  16. and just how in the fuck was I supposed to know that? I don't look at people's profiles.

    @TheBrownienator kick back, relax, and grab a tall glass of your favorite NON-ALCOHOLIC beverage.
  17. Kool-Aid BRO?!?!
  18. Welcome to the forums! Hope you have a great time!
  19. Welcome to WWEF, enjoy your stay here and I hope to see you around!
  20. Thanks guys, I'll try to be active here on the site and hopefully I'll get to meet a lot of new nice people.
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