Themes announced for TNA's taped specials (plus full schedule)

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    Sounds like a pretty good lineup of shows. I'm especially interested in the World Cup of Wrestling plan.
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  2. HOLY SHIZ, THE WORLD X CUP IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great day to be TNA fan, honest to God.

    4 Live PPVs, 8 taped PPV specials = amazing.

    Especially looking forward to the X Cup return and the INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT concept, that sounds like a helluva fun.
  3. Thank God it's not just me. :yay:

    Frickin' awesome, right?? Not to mention, at just about $15 each, I'll actually be happy to shell out the funds to support these. Phenomenal plan by TNA. So much excitement going into this year, I'm beyond stoked to be a fan.

    Plus we've got some new TNA fans here now, so sounds like they joined the TNA fan base just in time!
  4. Bobby Roo and EY better be on Team Canada! :angry:
  5. This is just great.
  6. Still pumped, aren't you? :ksi:
  7. Best news for a long time.
  8. Still marking out yo. :obama:
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