Themes you'd bring back....

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. You can replace a wrestlers theme with one they had in the past which would you choose? If you're posting videos keep it to 2 a post maximum.
    For Cena

    For CM Punk

  2. For Orton

  3. For Triple H

    For Daniel Bryan(It was so epic it always made me excited)

    For CM Punk

  4. Bring back the Legend mutha fuckin' Killa.
  5. Seems I have no choices left, all of them have been taken...

    I'd say Christians 2004/2005 theme.

  6. Almost everyone on the forums know which two I would like.
    If you don't know, both of them have been posted already here, yo! Bitch!
  7. [yt][/yt]


  8. For Wade Barrett

    Not that I think it's a great theme or anything; it's alright, but leaps and bounds better than "I'm here to show the world" IMO
  9. CM Punk - This Fire Burns.

    Wade Barrett - End of Days.

    And finally replace Chris Jerichos' theme song with this one:
  10. End of Days was catchy but it wasn't a good theme song to be honest.
  11. It was probably the best of a bad bunch tbh.
  12. Nexus theme FTW
  13. Definately give J-Gabe Otungas song again. Otunga is a tool and makes the song look bad.

    I dont know what to, but Alex Rileys song annoys me. Its too intense for his goody two shoes character.
  14. I loved Jericho's "king of my world" theme he used during 2002, would love to see that come back

    Triple H's my time theme was brilliant
  15. Yeah man, Perfection was nice, what the hell happened with Dolph's perfection?
    Too much similiar to Curt Hennig?
  16. Orton and Punk would be my main ones. I like CoP but not as a theme, doesn't get me excited tbh. Bryan and Mysterio also need as well but I'm only allowed two!
  17. So. So. True.

  18. For CM Punk. SLAYEEEER!
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