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  1. What would be an awesome match if you had to choose someone on the current roster vs someone who is retired/past away?

    You can choose what year the past superstar was from, Like say 1996 HBK vs Dolph Ziggler...

    :hmm:... That would be epic!
  2. 1997 Bret Hart vs 2001 Kurt Angle all time

    97 Bret Hart vs current Ziggler
  3. :win: I would love this!
  4. Chris Benoit vs Daniel bryan
  5. :hmm:... Hmm....

    EPIC! :yes:

    Problem is, I don't know who I would cheer for. :sad:
  6. It would be a bad ass match for sure, and as someone else said, I would know who to cheer for. Both amazing.
  7. Dean Malenko vs Daniel Bryan
  8. The guy that doesn't murder and kill his son/wife?
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  9. Eddie Guerrero vs Hunico
  10. I guess I'll throw an easy one out there: Goldberg vs Ryback


    '87 Macho Man vs Punk


    Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat vs Daniel Bryan
  11. The Four Horsemen vs Evolution
  12. I don't fault him for that. He had brain injuries and had the mind of an old man. Vince should have never let him continue wrestling. He should have been tested for any kind of brain damage and how stable his mind was.

    No one knows what went on that day, only him and he is gone as well.
  13. He still killed an innocent child, and his wife...

    He's not the first with brain damage and won't be the last..
  14. I know. :sad:

    I just hope it doesn't get as bad as Chris' for any of them.
  15. The Mean Street Posse vs Khali and Hornswoggle
  16. :regal:
  17. Daniel Bryan vs. Kurt Angle (in his prime)
    APA vs. Road Warriors
    DX vs NWO
    Chyna vs Karma
    Sting vs Taker (in their prime)
    Bret Hart vs Daniel Bryan
  18. He killed his son and wife and then offed himself. Everyone knows what went on that day.:smug:
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  19. Yeah, I really don't buy this "HE HAD BRAINZ DAMAGEZ!"

    A lot of people do, and not all of them care killing children and women.
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  20. Re: RE: Then & Now

    Different severity plus support wasn't there for him, finally what other job could you suffer multiple concussions keyword multiple, it left him with dementia and a lack of understanding for his actions.
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