Theory about the WWE and WHC championships

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. I have a small theory about the whole, WWE and WHC championship situation, what if The Rock defeats CM Punk, and John Cena challenges The Rock for the WWE championship at Wrestlemania, and The Rock accepts. While Cena and Ziggler have their feud though, what if Cena defeats Ziggler for the World Heavyweight championship on the way to Wrestlemania, and makes it a unification match? Whoever wins becomes the WWE Heavyweight Champion. I think it would be interesting, because then, Ziggler can be part of the match, since the champion has a rematch clause, Ziggler can be part of the unification match, and then the Royal Rumble winner can be part of it. Let's say, Rock vs Cena vs Ziggler vs Ryback for a unification match? I know it sounds odd, but I think it'll be something completely different and it would finally unify the world championships. Plus, Rock would be a draw, Cena would be a draw, and the crowd is behind Ryback right now, and Ziggler could sell like a boss during that match.

    I know it's odd, but what would you guys think of a situation like this?
  2. Don't think it'd happen, they don't want to unify the belts because they want one champ for each house show circuit or something. It does sound a bit odd but it'd be better than Rock/Cena 2, I suppose.
  3. The theory is more far fetched than my theory of Punk/Rock/Cena. I don't think I'd like to see a unification match between Cena and Rock. If that's going to happen I'm going to want to see a five star quality match and I don't think Rock and Cena can do that. There's also the fact that an undisputed champion would have to work both shows and both tours as well or at least a lot of them, which is practically suicide. I wouldn't put Ryback in this match either, nor Ziggler for that matter because both of those guys are just now getting their main event status and nowhere near the level that Rock and Cena are up to, it kind of spoils the match. I think the whole Ziggler thing is just something for Cena to breeze through before Rock while at the same time giving Ziggler a spotlight.
  4. You lost WWE creative team half way through your post. Still pretty creative though.
  5. I remember a similar theory floating around before TLC, that Cena would win the MITB briefcase and then cash in on Big Show before Wrestlemania to make it a unification match. If a unification match were going to happen at all, I'd rather it went down that way since Ziggler winning the belt and immediately dropping it to Cena does no good for him. Wouldn't be much less shittier than his first title win.

    I don't like the idea at all, because the idea of a unification match being a four way match seems 'off' to me. A match combining two belts should be between the two champions that are holding the belts that are being unified. Ryback and Ziggler being involved in a Rock/Cena feud would feel weird, too.

    The time for unifying the world title belts also isn't here yet. They still have their deal with Mattel, which not only makes them a lot of money but Mattel has creative control over whether they get rid of the belts or not, and their contract goes to like 2016 or something. I'm sure they'll unify the belts eventually, but now just isn't the time.
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