WrestleMania Theory for Christian at WM29

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Roi, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. Read more here http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1569009-wwe-wrestlemania-29-should-christian-be-the-surprise-of-wm-29
  2. Christian would not work as the leader of the shield. He is not a big enough name to have any sort of impact.
  3. Aren't the Shield just hired mercenaries? There is no leader...
  4. Exactly. They are a mercenary/vigilante group without a leader.
  5. Between three different writers at Bleacher Report believing that Kane should defeat Undertaker's streak and now this one believing that Christian could be the leader of The Shield, I'm thinking it must not be very difficult getting a job as a writer over there.
  6. Isn't it user submitted?
  7. Apply .
  8. Bleacher Report uses user generated articles. Basically users can submit articles and if the editors think it is well written enough it gets published. Then some pro writers like Ocal pops up from time to time.
  9. I could probably write an article or two as well then.
  10. I think you even get a paid a small fee.
  11. I'm all about the $$$$$.

    EDIT: I actually think my post from yesterday about how the NWO could form in the WWF could be fleshed out more and make a brilliant article. I've even got a couple of rep points on the Pro Wrestling forums (which are hard to get over there) from it.
  12. Christian bores me to be honest and I don't see what the hype is around him. He's a decent wrestler, but nothing phenomenal and not all that on the mic. Him being the leader of Shield would ruin the group and wouldn't make any sense at all. The Shield as they are right now, is perfect. If Christian, or any superstar at that were to take over the Shield it would end up like Nexus when Punk took it over because then it wouldn't be focused on the members of the group, but rather the already established superstar that's heading it.
  13. :pity2:
  14. Such quality posting by former MOTM Dolph's Ziggler, I wish I could someday be as great as him.
  15. Christian is awesome. I could have asked you to elaborate on why you don't like him, but I really don't care about your opinion lol.
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  16. likewise
  17. You're not telling me anything I don't know already, slick.
  18. Honestly, whilst Christian is amazing and all, him being revealed as the leader of The Shield will go down just as bad as D'Lo Brown and Taz being revealed as key members in Aces And Eights. He's beyond irrelevant right now and has been that way for a good year and a half, and his star power just isn't big enough to warrant a big surprise return reveal as The Shields leader.
  19. But The Nexus never focused on any of the members of the group other than Wade Barrett before Punk came, and by that point Wade was gone. That group was doomed to fail, way before Punk took over it. Can't compare the two in any way whatsoever.

    I'm sure if someone like Randy Orton took over the group that Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose would still get a lot of attention, if not more. Right now they've played second fiddle to pretty much everything even while being the most entertaining thing on the roster, with someone like Orton taking over the group they could garner a lot of momentum if Orton is pushed accordingly.
  20. Good point, Barrett, but still with someone stepping in to The Shield it just doesn't seem right. I would say let the new guys have their group as it is now. I think all three members are getting equal attention and I find it to be working very well for all three. This group isn't something that I see being around pass Summerslam, so I wouldn't bother adding any other members.

    I do agree that if someone were to be added, Orton would be a good pick being that the last two people he worked with improved, even though DiBiase is nowhere to be found even before his injury.
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