There are too few heel tag teams

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. As clearly seen, the tag division is lacking in heel teams. There's basically just the Wyatt's and Rybaxel. Real Americans is gone, Shield turned face, so there's the Matadores, Rhodes Bros., & Usos and of course the Shield. That's 4:2 Evolution and Ascension would start to even things out. ... There IS 3MB too, and I really don't know if they're heel or face, they're just jobbers. You need a even balance of face and heel teams. TNA doesn't have this problem, and didn't WWE creative say that this would be a tag team favorite year? Not like this it isn't. Get your shit together with your tag team division
  2. They might use Batista and Randy Orton again from the looks of it.
  3. I also think Orton and Batista are going to become a regular team, from the looks of it. And if they do so, they'll probably take the straps at some point soon, which means we'll actually need tons of face teams to feud with them, which would make things right.
  4. I can't see Orton and Batista getting sent down to tag team division hell. They are feuding with the Shield at least through ER I would imagine.
  5. I was thinking more of...
    Triple H = WWE World Heavyweight Champion
    Batista and Orton = Tag-Team Champion

    I'd actually prefer them in that placement for a while.
  6. Thought crossed my mind last night as well, but HHH isn't winning the belt as much as I would love to see it. Hope I'm wrong. But Batista and Orton as tag champs would just make no sense in kayfabe, not that it will prevent them from making it happen. I thought their reactions last night were perfect. "Tag belts? Why the fuck would I want tag belts??"
  7. They only have 2 teams lol
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  8. Keep Batista and Orton together as HHH's new lapdogs least then they entertain me a little.
  9. Wait they're tag team division died too?
  10. There's the Bromans, the Wolves, and... well, if they resign with BI, there's three.
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