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  2. it's not difficult to fill the time. There's loads of talent that could be used very well in that extra time. Throw A-ry on screen.. i would happily watch him for the whole extra hour :yay:
  3. Confused at how you couldn't have an extra hour for RAW+SmackDown tapings :gusta:
  4. Do they record superstars at raw or sd tapings?
  5. Bllcrap, since it's a supershow you can have anybody from both rosters. Try using JTG, Micheal McGilliycutty, Alex Riley, Yoshi Tatsu, Jonder Mahal, Antonio Cesaro, DREW MCINTYRE, the Usos, Johnny Curtis, Mason Ryan, and Ted Debiase more.
  6. Especially if the rumors are true that they want to use the first hour like a pre show, getting the social media parts out of the way and doing some mid to lower card matches and then using the other two hours as usual. It is not that hard but I guess the whole social media thing fucks it up for them.
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  7. That would be the best thing, and it could be used for good time. If the social media fucks that up too, then they need to get it under control and possibly just remove it completely during RAW.
  8. Use your underutilized talents to fill time while giving them storylines and TV time! :booker:

    Is that so difficult?

    And about the SD tapings, lucky people, go attend some house show on Sunday and watch SD along with it.
  9. Doubt they can keep a crowd in their seats for 5 hours and still entertain, that and travelling issues and building issues probably.
  10. id watch wrestling for five hours
    they have soo much talent to use.. and because we have an extra hour maybe they could fill in that hour with ... wait for it ... WRESTLING!
    and because the guys arent using their four minutes of tv time to do their 6 spots and a finish they might be able to construct matches properly so they make sense for a change... more wrestling is def a good thing... not a struggle to fill in time
  11. To be honest I'd rather they forgot about the pre-show crap, if they want it to be 3 hours great, but why can't that give us longer matches? rather than the stupid 2 minute matches?
  12. WWE Logic. If they have extra time, instead of simply having longer matches, they'll either give us more 2 minute matches or 30 more minutes of Cena promo time.
  13. How about this that just have SmackDown Live on Tuesday?! :pipebomb:
  14. The problem reported in the news would be in case there's no way to hold SD on Tuesday.
  15. Or failing that a special one off 3 hour show of AJ and Bryan chanting :yes:, even through the commercial breaks.
  16. There, you can already work for WWE. Filling time with useless crap is what they do best. :haha:
  17. then do it on another day then? Is that so hard?
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