There is no nice team to watch in the BPL anymore.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. I've just realised this, but there isn't a nice team to watch in the BPL any more, in terms of good football. Man City and Man United are playing horribly but are scraping wins with luck and enthusiasm, Arsenal are flopping big time and don't even play their style any more, Tottenham are the most likely team in terms of good football but they're inconsistent, Chelsea went from having a great playing style to being flops so they're inconsistent too.

    The BPL may be the best in terms of excitement, but if you want to watch stars play immense football and show why they're highly considered as the best around then it's not the league to watch atm. Even though it's more predictable, I much prefer watching La Liga matches or Bundesliga matches.
  2. The main issue for me is none of them are really making up for it with organisation. If you stop playing good football then you have to become '****s' and just be impossible to beat - but none of the top English sides are that way at the moment.

    Bundesliga is the best in the world at the moment, as it has a good blend of unpredictability and good football. Sadly it's rarely even shown on TV here, but I think Britain could learn a lot from them with regards to football.
  3. I can honestly say this season ive barely watched ive lost so much interest.
  4. Agreed, no team is solid. But solid isn't entertaining either. There is just no nice team to watch unless you count Swansea perhaps, but compare Swansea and Barcelona, Dortmund, Real Madrid, etc.

    The BPL is lacking in pure flare, the unpredictability isn't enough. Bundesliga is still unpredictable but it's still more or less a one horse race. La Liga wins it for me. It's predictable but more or less every team plays great football.
  5. As odd as it sounds follow Swansea, Landrup has got them playing beautifully IMO possibly even better than BR.
  6. Yeah I mentioned Swansea but it's not amazing football. It's nice football to watch sure, but there isn't often an end result BECAUSE of that style. Like Arsenal for example, not only did they play exceptional football but they scored exceptional goals because of that style, like Madrid, Barcelona and Dortmund do now. The top teams in the BPL are trying but I guess it takes time. Over the last few years we have seen players like Silva, Cazorla, Kagawa, Mata, Hazard, Nasri etc all flourish with this style, but atm it's flopping and resulting in rather open and scrappy games.
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