There isn't nearly enough LR drama without Aids.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. Anyone want to start a feud?
  2. An Dolph's vs Rain debate feud would be epic. Or you could just beat the dead horse that is Crayo vs Dolph's some more.
  3. Stopsopt missed the point of the thread.
  4. Fucking vanilla midgets worship me :kiss:
  5. We are going to have a legit feud if you don't change your goddamn name soon.

  7. You are such a vanilla midget.
  8. 6 months ago that might have been a valid response when I was the only Ziggler mark running around. Now if you have beef with Ziggler you have beef not only with me, but all of my bandwaggoning chronies as well.

    also he sold that beautifully. Also LMAO @ that finish. So awful. multiman man tag match? GOTTA BE A FINISHER FEST BABY
  9. So you need others to fight your battles now :sad: come on now
  10. I didn't ask any of these noobs to jump on the Ziggler bandwagon. The man is just infectious.
  11. So Ziggler is an STD now :Shock: what is wrong with this world :((
  12. Why do I always have to straighten you guys out?

    You've really never heard the word used this way? As in "an infectious personality" ?

    goddamn noobs
  13. *Goddamn noobs

    New space, word needs to be capitalized. :pity:
  14. I wake up in the morning and take dumps with better grammar than you. Don't start that game with me fella, as you won't like the results.
  15. Oh hell to the no. I was a Zigs mark before I was on here, Crayo can vouch for that as well cause he seen my account on Nazi forums.
  16. Whatever you goddamn D'Z wannabe.

    Also Nazi Forums? That domain is blocked in the US. Glad I now know you are an evil white supremacist, you racist bastard you.
  17. False, "dumps" cannot make sentences. Ergo your statement is false fella. :pity:
  18. You've never met one of my dumps, so you are speaking out of ignorance. :smug:
  19. In a triumphant display of forbearance I shall ignore your petulant remark and not allow myself to be drawn into any 'fueds' of yours.

    Show Spoiler

    I just learnt what forbearance means, just needed an excuse to use it :yay:
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