Kayfabe There will not be a Third Time

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*As we return from a commercial break, Christina Morgan’s music starts to play. *

*Out from backstage, Christina walks out on stage with a microphone in hand and bandages on around her waist from the assault by Terra Hayze at Viewer’s choice. *

Christina: Cut the music. I said cut the damn music!!!

*Christina’s music stops playing*

Christina: There is very little right now keeping my temper at bay. Not once, but now twice my precious Sparks World Championship has been stolen from me. I am not standing for this any longer!!!

*Christina starts to hit her mic on the stage in anger, but slowly starts to calm down. As the crowd start to chant she is crazy. She takes a deep breath, before resuming speaking. *

No, not crazy just … Obsessed that’s all. There is nothing with that is there. Is there? There is a huge difference between the two.

*More she is crazy chants*

Christina: Whatever. Now where was I, ah yes Terra. You see Terra, I understand why you decided to take me out of the match. I do really. Lilith and Vanessa are no threat really. I beat both single handily without any argument. I gave them both their first losses in this company. But, me you needed me gone. I am the biggest threat to you and ... cough my Championship. If I was you, I would have done the same.

Christina: But, there is a difference. If I wanted someone hurt, I would have hurt them already. I want someone’s limbs broken, I break them. And if I want any contenders for my title gone, they would be erased from this company. Despite the bandages around my waist, thanks to that pipe, you did not finish the job properly. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Read my lips, there will be no third time.

Christina: Next week, I will be cleared for action. First stop on the Christina Morgan tour of vengeance is Lilith Young’s embarrassment. I have been accused of being too honest in the past, but let’s be real, Lilith you are complete push over. Remember last time, who won our last encounter? Hmm I wonder who, of course, it was me. Lilith, what have you done memorable since then?

Christina: Nothing, nothing at all. I made this this division the talking point of pro wrestling today, while you just lost, lost, lost and oh what a surprise lost again. I am ashamed to have respected you once. I must warn you ladies and gentlemen, this stop of our tour will contain images of a one sided beatdown and the laughing joke of the Spark Division getting another humiliating lost to her already impressive lost record. Don’t worry, this stop will end with the face of the Sparks Division once again proving her far superior skill in every way, leading to another impressive win under her name. I don’t think I need to say which one is. If you are smart, you already know the answer.

*Christina drops the mic and on stage she turns her back to the crowd showing her “Evil to the Core jacket performing her signature pose. As the screen, then fades and cuts to our next match of the evening. *

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