There's a hot girl I work with

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, Apr 4, 2014.

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  1. Problem is that she has a boyfriend... anyone have any ideas on how to kill him?
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  2. Ricin :walter:
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  3. Yeah, BITCH! :jesse:
  4. I recommend making him watch this with full volume
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  5. And also, when you do get the girl, give her some water or a ice pack, don't want her having a heat stroke now do you?
  6. right lad. you came to the right place

    the way to get her interested is to acted jaded. also act like you dont give a shiny shit, she will end up making your move. when she does show no emotion and shag her, if she questions your morals, act jaded like you dont give a shit.

    women love that in a bloke, trust me.

    god you lot overthink the old women
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  7. you lookin to hit that or start a relationship Zacky poo? because boyfriends don't really prevent chicks from looking for other sources of Vitamin D
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  8. Wait for him to die of natural causes. Or lead him off a cliff. Be sure not to follow him though.
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