There's a new "Big Shot" in town.

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  1. I could cut a promo, but I'll keep it for another time. :jbl:

    Name: Steven

    Age: 20

    Favorite wrestlers:
    Current: Samuel Shaw (TNA), Tyler Breeze (NXT), Daniel Bryan (WWE)
    All-Time: Jerry "The King" Lawler, Chris Jericho, Shane McMahon & the Mean Street Posse

    How long I've been a fan: I remember watching WCW Saturday Night in 1997. So, I'd say the better part of my life.

    Favorite Wrestling Company: Depends on the time. NWA era WCW, Attitude Era WWF, NWA era TNA.

    Will I be active here?: Really? Really?... ... ... Really? Would I bother to introduce myself if I wasn't?
  2. Welcome to the site fella. Hope to see u around.
  3. Welcome to the site. Never seen a Jerry Lawler fan before :mog:
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  4. Welcome to the site lad.
  5. Welcome and enjoy your stay!
  6. Welcome to the site.
  7. Bienvenido amigo.
  8. Welcome lad.
  9. You have now. Jerry Lawler always impresses me, both when he was wrestling and in his commentary. Just wish they'd use him better and make him a heel commentator again.
  10. Welcome to the forums, see ya around!
  11. Wrestling has something for everyone, though its strange you mention that particular event as the best part of your life
  12. FELLA!

    Welcome to the site brother, Shane-o-mac, breeze, shaw, i love all those name's dropped. Enjoy your time at WWEF, just avoid that dickbag Crayo if you see him around.
  13. Welcome aboard.

    Jerry is fav commentator. He gets a lot of hate on here though.
  14. True. Lawler is capable of far better
  15. Welcome to the forums!
  16. I lied when I wrote that. Lawler is sh**e
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