There's no more excuses, Samoa Joe needs to head up the main roster

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  1. Heath Slater

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  2. The Miz

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  3. AJ Styles

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  4. Becky Lynch

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  5. Dolph Ziggler

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  6. Kevin Owens

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    Its really frustrating watching WWE not use Samoa Joe to his full potential on the main roster, I feel like he's wasting his time on NXT and after what happened to Hideo Itami about a week ago, I'm starting to worry about established talent not really being given the chance on the main roster to do anything special. I get why Nakamura is still on NXT, the man needs to sharpen his English more, but I have no goddamn reason why Joe is still on NXT and hasn't debuted on Raw Smackdown yet.

    Edit: Oops I forgot to delete a poll I was making, can of you mods help DELETE that for me plz?
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  2. As far as Joe goes... Yes, he should've joined the main roster a hell of a lot sooner.

    But, he didn't because OBLIGATORY REMATCH CLAUSES, which I am really not a fan of. Oh, well. Here's to hoping he joins the main roster after the TakeOver: Toronto show.

    As far as the poll goes, gotta vote for AJ Styles, even though all those cats that are on the list have benefited from the brand split.

    Also, I think Finn Bálor would've been at the top of the list if he did not get injured.

    The dude came to the main roster as the very first pick from NXT and the third pick overall, won the Fatal 4-Way and defeated Roman Reigns in the same night and then became the inaugural WWE Universal champion at SummerSlam. That is huge.
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  3. That just bothers me, couldn't they just have one more match on a Full Sail taping, every time someone gets a rematch clause EVERYONE knows that their not gonna win so why bother buliding up another 2 months worth of heat to get a match everyone knows the outcome of.
  4. Sometime after Toronto is when I assume they'll debut the likes of Joe, Asuka, the Revival, Aries(?), ect...talent like Joe and Nakamura shouldn't be in NXT no more than six months at most.
  5. Miz benefited the most. He has become as/if not more relevant then when he first won the main belt.

    And they are likely holding off on Joe cause there isn't anything worth his debut. It should be a big deal and will, if they wait for the right time.
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  6. I think Samoa Joe will debut at Survivor Series
  7. Don't forget the main reason he is still on NXT. NXT is a touring brand now. They need people that can draw houses for their road trips. Samoa Joe does that. Because there aren't any people going to pay up to watch Tino Sabbatelli live.
  8. Yes...Samoa Joe should be on the main roster...
    I mean its not like guy is a rookie or anything.

    On the voting side...I voted for Becky Lynch...
    mainly because she a nice, new shiny belt and
    would not have it without the brand split.

    I'm not saying she isn't good...she is...but you
    have to imagine if all the Women were on
    the same roster...she might have been lost
    in the shuffle...which I've read has happened
    to her before.

    It was great for her to get an opportunity
    away from the other Horsewomen to prove
    how awesome she is...Oh wait...she's out
    with an illness and still hasn't defended her
    title since winning it at Backlash...and the
    other women on the SmackDown roster
    are all looking really good...Oh Dear.

    I hope Becky can gain some momentum...
    and as much as I want to see Alexa Bliss
    win the championship...its to soon for her
    to win the gold.

    But...the way Nikki Bella and Naomi are
    performing...Becky needs to turn her
    recent bad run around...and in a big way
    before the powers that be decide to put
    the belt on someone else.
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