Hell in a Cell There's still time to do something with Lesnar at HIAC

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by WarMachine, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. I personally think that there's still time to put an angle together for Brock at this PPV. Now before WWE makes their move on whether to use him or not, here are some scenarios I came up with.

    He helps The Authority

    Brock Lesnar has said that he is a prize fighter and hired mercenary. The Authority hasn't been doing well the last few weeks and there are signs of tension. The stable needs a clean sweep at the PPV to gain back some momentum. Lesnar might be the tool they need for that.

    He issues an Open Challenge
    Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman simply walk to the ring and Brock says that he came for a fight. It could be someone like Big E or Jack Swagger to accept Lesnar's challenge. If either of them are lucky, they will only get squashed in a few minutes.

    He takes out about half of the WWE Roster
    Since he is "The Beast Incarnate", Brock can simply show up whenever he wants and not one person will be able to stop him. Several dozen wrestlers in the locker room could be sent to restrain Lesnar and it probably still wouldn't work. It would be impressive to see Lesnar stand over a huge pile of wrestlers

    He calls out The Rock
    The idea of The Rock vs Brock Lesnar has been described as possible as WrestleMania 31. The Rock just recently returned to RAW, so there's more to this story. Their history dates back to Lesnar's first title reign and Rock never imposed his rematch
  2. While your scenarios are good, however, they're not plausible. He's not booked for HIAC, I think WWE's made that clear. The ME is Orton vs Cena.

    I hope they book him for either SS or TLC, though.
  3. This sounds like something a mark would write out. Wait... uh oh.
  4. Lesnar appearing at HIAC is pointless unless it's to jump-start a rivalry with someone for Survivor Series, and with whom would that be? John Cena again? Randy Orton? Big Show? It would makes no sense for Lesnar to suddenly show up and attack any of these guys.

    The Authority could use him to ensure that both Orton and Rollins win their matches but that, too, would make no sense considering A. The point of the cell is to keep people OUT (despite people somehow finding their way inside various times over the years anyway), and B. There isn't enough at stake for The Authority to want Brock to assist them. There's no championship on the line, just Orton and Rollins wanting to prove to the other that they're better and I
    seriously doubt Brock is in the mood to help out Rollins after he tried to cash in on him at Night Of Champions.

    Hopefully Brock returns to defend the championship at Survivor Series, but I would keep him off television until the build for that begins the night after HIAC.
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  5. I'd be surprised if Lesnar was not at Survivor Series.. I mean that is one of the big 4, the main event belt should be defended.
  6. Even though Survivor Series doesn't really feel like one of the big four PPVs anymore, they should still make efforts to treat it as such imo, and Lesnar defending the championship would be an efficient way of doing that. It also fits his character perfectly. He's a prized fighter who only works "the big events", and coming back to defend the title at one of the most historical and storied PPVs (if you tally up all the moments, there's been more significant happenings at Survivor Series than any other PPV except Wrestlemania) makes sense.
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  7. Triple H is aware of the significance of the 'Big 4' hence why Summerslam has climbed back up in prestige once again.
    It may take some time, but once WWE reaches the point where Triple H's chosen players (The Shield, Wyatt's, etc) are headlining everything should be in place.
    Within the next year or two, S'Series should reach the status it once celebrated.
    The only misnomer is whether or not the fans usurp that authority and make 'Money In The Bank' a 'Big 4' or possibly a 'Big 5' PPV.

    In a world when there were only really 4 PPV's, S'Series could meet a demand. Nowadays, people want bang for their summer buck with 2 prestigious PPV's
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