#TheWrestlers Talk About This Week's Amazing Race!

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    #TheWrestlers finished in 2nd Place this week on The Amazing Race! As always, we have an exclusive video with Brooke and a blog from Robbie E, breaking down this week's episode! Remember to catch #TheWrestlers every Friday at 8/7c on The Amazing Race. You can catch the entire TNA roster on IMPACT WRESTLING, when it debuts on Destination America in January 2015!

    All I'm saying is #TheWrestlers... #TheWrestlers, chant it!!!

    Final 4 teams, bro!!! We came in second place this week and we got to play out the candy girls after they started messing with us. Are we candy people!?! Well, yes... but this race is for one million dollars, bro!! All bets are off!

    Now and Brooke and I have to do what we have to do to win.

    We rocked Singapore, bro! First, Brooke walked the tight rope like she was doing a top rope elbow drop, bro! Then, after a painful massage, #TheWrestlers proved they run things on the amazing race!! And how good did my arms look in my orange tank top. bro!?! GREAT, that's how they looked... BOOM!!!!

    See you next week on the race, bro...


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