They almost had it......almost

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone remember this?


    Look at all the WWE title holders at that one moment. Despite the fact that I'm not really a Ryder/Kofi fan at least they are young and fresher than some alternatives. You had arguably the two best workers as the to ME title holders and one of the best female wrestlers ever to lace up the boots in her prime. WTF happened? My guess is ratings/PPV buys took a dip and Vince got nervous and had everyone but Punk lose their titles pretty quickly.

    I suppose Vince has forgotten the mid nineties when ratings and PPV rates dropped whilst guys like HHH, The Rock, Mankind, and Steve Austin were making their bones. Lo and behold once those guys got enough experience they took control and WWE went through one of it's most successful eras ever.

    Imagine if Vince had been that rash in those days. The Ringmaster wasn't getting over, Rocky Maivia was booed out of buildings, and HHH was a mid-carder at best. The Vince of the present would've buried them in favour of keeping the Undertaker, HBK, and those of similar ilk in a never ending carousel of title reigns.

    The moment that picture was taken WWE's future looked pretty bright. It's too bad that starting with Bourne's positive drug test, it went downhill faster than Xanth chasing a chocolate cake.

    I wonder if they'll have the foresight to realize their mistake and put players like these in the forefront in the near future? I, for one, sincerely hope so.
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  2. Kind of depressing seeing that photo,the IC was on something of a transformation albeit slowly getting some prestige back,then you had one of the best tag team in wwe for ages and we all know what happened there.

    Don't need to mention the quality of the two main title holders,things were really fresh and exciting then as the belts all had strong champions and were all part of interesting storylines.
  3. It will come again. Young guys who are hungry enough will claw at a chance and then we will see if WWE is willing to play ball.
  4. It was a great time. Each champion was fun to watch in ring or in segments. The two world champions being the two best wrestlers in the company at the time, the midcard champions being nice and fresh young talent, bringing slight prestige to each belt. The Divas division wasn't fully destroyed and had a strong champion, and the tag team champions may have not been the best, but they had great chemistry, were amazing to watch, and had interesting promos. WWE was going towards a great direction here, until they fucked it all up.
  5. The only thing that would have made that picture better was if Beth was holding the Women's Championship instead of that fucking pathetic Diva's Championship.

    I just want to know what was going through their minds when the conversation came up.

    'So, look, we have to get rid of one of the championship belts. It's either the Women's Championship, a long time, legit staple in the wrestling world, or, the Diva's championship that someone's daughter in high school doodled on her homework.'


    'GOOD IDEA!!!'

    Just, fuck, I can't even fathom why Vince would allow this. Regardless of the Diva's division being a joke, it would have been more respectable as the Women's division with the Women's championship.
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  6. I'm guessing the divas title attracts kids, not in a BHR way but in a buy me that butterfly mommy I'm a princess kind of way.
  7. I'm glad the Women's Championship got removed. Not for the wrong reasons, but because the current division sucks and we can live on cherishing the great memories on who held the Women's Championship.
    For one, Kelly Kelly didn't hold it. :yay:
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  8. The problem with getting the younger people over today is that the older established stars are not leaving for other another company. When Nash, Hall, Hogan and then Bret left for WCW it opened up the chances for the younger guys. Cena is here to stay and I think that's the biggest issue, if he wasn't such a cash cow for Vince others might get the chance. Not that I blame for Vince thinking "I'm making Millions with Cena in the top why risk it with others." Just that Vince doesn't listen too the fan, I hear more boo's then cheers then for Cena these days.

    Now for the Diva's title, yeah it is pretty much a joke now when it was the womens championship you had the likes of LIta, Trish and others who actually stepped and said I'm going to wrestle and show these boys how it's done. Once they took and made it the Diva's title it feels to me they took out the toughness in holding it. They started to revert the women to just eye candy instead of being the strong woman who looked sexy as hell at the same time.

    The IC and US title could be great worth watching the matchs if they built the matchs up again instead of saying "Ok this week we'll have this guy fighting the champ, he'll beat the champ but never get a title shot as of two weeks from now we'll have this guy instead." The best thing that could happen to get the new faces out is if Cena retired or got so hurt he was out for a year then we would see someone else get the chance until he is out of the picture either story line wise or company wise he's the new Hogan he's gotta be the center of attention so Vince can keep making the money.
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  9. Not a bad first post at all ^

  10. Thank you goodman, well if your a man if not just add a WO in there. I've been lurking for a while about a year. I also just had the thought that if Edge wasn't forced to retire we probly wouldn't of had Christian or or well anyone who's held the WHC in the last year or two as champ besides for DB. If he wasn't WHC he more then likly have been WWE Champ and we would of not had that nice good long run of Punk.

  11. WCW was quite a powerhouse, though. No one wants to go to TNA. WCW back then was even beating WWF in ratings. TNA will never get to that point, ever. When guys were leaving WWF, they were going to a company that was on fire.

    If there was another promotion right now that was as big as WCW was back then, yeah, those older guys probably wouldn't have a problem leaving, but, now, with TNA basically the only other option because it's pretty much the next 'biggest thing', which isn't saying much, I doubt anyone will be leaving to go there. Some guys did, yeah, but, I dunno, I just think with the guys we have in the WWE now, TNA is not an option. They are in the biggest promotion and, unless they have no choice BUT to go to TNA, I don't think anyone would give up their WWE spot.

    It really is a shame, though, because a lot of young talent gets wasted while the same guys, who have already made a name for themselves, get the spotlight.

    I think it would be interesting if we had a summer where all the big names left on vacation and the guys who don't usually get much of a shot get to take over.
  12. I agree with IRS it's such a shame. With a little mic work Kofii could be awsome to watch, as he always manages to put on a show if given the chance. Just a lot of young talent who never get a chance to show it as their match their story lines get burried by the ego's that Vince helped to make.
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