they could have done it so much better

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by HHHBestHeelEver, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. in main event last night, I mean, making ryback lose to cesaro would have made the guy more credible, and put cesaro over like big time.... but no... they had to make cesaro walk out the match, make him look like a pussy
    whats wrong with the bookers? :upset:
  2. They don't want Ryback to look weak, they want him to look strong as well. And Cesaro running away is still better than him losing clean.
  3. Cesaro still looked strong in this match. He clotheslined Ryback, first guy to do that. He was very physical.
  4. i still think that after that match even with ryback losing he wouldnt look weak, make him kick out of the neutralizer and then pinned with a submission or something
  5. pinned with a submission? :russo:

    I'd be down for Cesaro beating the crap out of Ryback with a chair in the end, but I'm OK with the way it ended.
  6. When you have two up and coming stars (Ryback booked as a new top face and Cesaro becoming a new top heel) you cannot have one pin the other until both are built up properly. You need to have a finish which is "dirty" so that next time they face off - and they will probably be higher on the card by then - one pinning the other won't damage the other ones momentum.
  7. No one should kick out of the Neutralizer, I'm sick of all these guys kicking out of finishers. It should only be saved for HUGE matches. Guys are kicking out of finishers on RAW, its ridiculous!
  8. tapped :facepalm: my bad :lol1:


    i like that explanation, thanks for giving me peace of mind :obama:
  9. They're building up Ryback as their next big star, why would he lose to Cesaro? He's lost enough lately as it is, which hasn't exactly been the best for his momentum. I even find it annoying that Caesro has been pinned cleanly by the likes of Justin Gabriel and Randy Orton. Takes away from the "No American Can Beat Me" aspect of his gimmick, which should have been saved for when he finally loses the US Title to someone.
  10. They won't book Ryback to lose. lol

    Vince is seeing him as the future face of the company, so don't expect anyone to be able to beat him.

    I also would have wanted Cesaro to win, but unfortunately, thing don't go this way.
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