They expected Orton to be voted in?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. To quote my best buddy the Miz, Really WWE? Really? :meh:
  2. If you have Jericho available. Why go for Orton?
  3. My thoughts exactly.
  4. It's nice to see that they are in touch with the fan base then, surely they must ave realised with the reception Jericho has had so far that he was a shoe in to win the vote
  5. Why would we want to see orton vs Punk of course fans would choose Jericho and wwe thinking otherwise is very stupid.
  6. It's called girls . Most of the people who would choose orton are just girls. SMarks chose jericho
  7. Must have been Michael Ps Hayes who came up with the idea. He's the king of having Orton lady boners.
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  8. This. Plus, I'm guessing the real marky marks -- who would take Twitter voting seriously -- would be bigger fans of Orton rather than Jericho. That proved otherwise though. I completely see why they would have expected Orton to win it.
  9. The voting isn't just rigged anyway?
  10. Not nearly enough girls watch wrestling to sway a fan vote, assuming it wasn't a rigged poll.
  11. Always a chance it was rigged, but not necessarily, I could see that happening. Although it shouldn't be a surprise that Jericho won.
  12. I loved the Punk vs Jericho match and it was a shame to see Wade Barrett losing again, I love the guy, but he's been squashed since RR. I'd like to have known what the outcome would have been for Punk Vs Orton though.
  13. Does anyone really believe the voting is legit?

    Either way, this helps WWE save face for not intending to book Orton vs Barrett for the 459,240th time... seriously, enough with that match.
    Going by the "Wrestlemania Rematch" train of thought, if you go by the Wrestlemania feud quality (match quality doesn't matter as much), anyone would vote Jericho in over Orton.
    Plus Jericho's a return everyone's excited for, whereas Orton's never been so irrelevant. Vince seriously can't be this out of touch... well, never mind.
  14. I was REALLY HOPING ORTON WOULD WIN! Not b/c I I think he better then Y2J but Punk beat Y2J he never got to beat Orton B/C ORTON IS ASSHOLE! And would nto put CM Punk over back when Punk was not at Orton Level yet But now Punk is past Orton Level so I want him to vs. Orton so PUNK COULD BE HIM!
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