They fucked Sandow over, man

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  1. As the year comes to a close, I can't help but have the what ifs in my mind, and Sandow is most definitely an if.

    WWE Creative: what gimmick u want fam?
    Sandow: just fuck my shit up
    WWE Creative: say no more

    ...and he turned that stunt double gimmick into the best thing in the dubyadubya E. He turned shit into gold.

    I'm pretty sure his career is over. Really unfortunate. Same with Axel, too.
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  2. He was so over with MIz, for sure, but where do you go from there after a turn?
  3. I loved what he was doing with The Miz, then the turn happened at Mania and he became directionless, get-nowhere superstar again.


    Shame for Axelmania, too!
  4. Axel? is that some kind of bread?

    But seriously... A lot of great wrestlers or charismatic mic speakers have become a second thought thanks to the wwe's poor booking skills. We should start a fund to save these failed careers. Save them from the tyranny of becoming shells of their former selves. Working at house shows or as backstage trainers. Being forced to find out they aren't good actors after all. Today, let it be the day that we, the fans, take a stand for middle class wwe wrestling America. Say no to poor booking, and yes to change. YES WE CAN...try!
  5. If WWE actually tried to push Sandow after he turned on the Miz people would have been bored as fuck with it by Summer and complaining that the new flavor of the month was being held down by WWE and Sandow was wasting airtime.

    Fickle WWE fans gonna fickle. They're favorite wrestlers are only the guys who don't get pushed. Like how the favorite player on a football team is the backup QB, cuz you don't have to see him overexposed.
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  6. It's a shame they can't be bothered to find anything else for him to do, but I honestly always found him best as a comedy character anyway. That seems to be where his true talent lies and there's nothing wrong with that. Why people wanted to see him pushed as a serious upper-midcard act is beyond me. That serious promo he cut a week or two after The Miz angle wrapped up was bland as hell.
  7. His first character was good and he played it very well. I feel like they could've done more with it. His run with Miz was kinda doomed, because as over as he was, whenever he turned on Miz and changed his character it would fade away quickly. Granted they barely tried, but still.
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  8. I'm guessing I'll have everyone jumping down my throat here but not pushing Miz from that angle is the bigger issue, Sandow got as over as he did because Miz is so easy to hate. Part of it was Sandow being good comic relief but Miz made people care about the duo. I'm not talking a Main Event push just doing more with him.
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  9. He bailed immediately after to do that movie with Summer Rae.
  10. Live from satellite, surely they could have done something more when he returned. It doesn't have to have tied directly to the Mizdow break.
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  11. It's the ONLY reason I expected Sandow to go over. Have him win the Miz moniker for a 2 month (no idea how long miz has been gone) before having them feud again with Miz going over and getting a midcard push.

    I'm not on the Sandow bandwagon, honestly, but I can understand the butthurt.
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  12. Yeah that makes sense, the whole Summer Rae stuff could have been played out longer if they wanted to go down that route alongside it. Instead they made Miz the whipping boy of Show and Ryback and gave Sandow even less.
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  13. I actually agree with you 100%.
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