Clash of Champions They going to give Sasha back the belt so soon?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Sep 15, 2016.

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  1. I think the only reason she lost it in the first place was to enjoy her honeymoon. I am not a Sasha Banks fan, just don't honestly care for her BUT I think the belt needs to be on someone other than Charlotte. She has her moments of being really good in the ring but they are so few and far in between. Maybe I am being to critical but I think half the female roster wrestles better than Charlotte... And a handful of them are actually decent on the mic and much better than her.

    Anyways, who thinks the belt will be going back on Sasha? As much as I want it off Char, I think they should wait for a bigger PPV and more of a build up before she gets it back.
  2. Hey, man. I'm the first to tell ya I want that belt off of Charlotte, but can Sasha actually stay healthy this time? I freakin' hope so.

  3. Charlotte is literally babysitting the championship for a month. My bets are on Sasha becoming champion again and turning heel to fight Bayley for the next few PPV's.
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  4. Sasha should be a heel really. Just the way her gimmick is, her as a face don't make sense to me. She is like that Beyonce song "Diva". She isn't like AJ was where she could be either or and play it well. That is like Bayley being a heel. Makes no sense.
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  5. Yeah and her face promos are some of the worst things I've had the displeasure of listening to. They're so forced and cringe worthy.
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  6. The fake retirement promo was garbage. "We did iiiiittt."
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  7. Looking back though, this entire year for Sasha has been a monumental fail. Rumble was good!

    But... The women's match at Wrestlemania was great! I loved it, the action, the girls, the presentation, the new belt, the whole thing, then Charlotte went over in yet another pointless decision on that show. Maybe Sasha was hurt there, but there was no bigger moment than Sasha's first title shot in the biggest women's match in WWE History at the biggest (read: longest) show of the year with Snoop in her corner and all the publicity in the world... Not to mention looking back on that show has two memories: great women's match, and a lack of happy, crowd-pleasing moments (sorry Roman) which really hurt the prestige of 'Mania.

    Then she disappeared (injury?) with barely an explanation, wasn't angry about getting screwed over by Flair or anything... then finally shows up later and wins the title on a random Raw that... as much as they put into the "New Era" Raw, that show honestly would have been awesome without that great moment. She really needs a main-roster money promo that is about more than the damned "Divas' Revolution" and putting over Stephanie. Have I ever mentioned I don't like her? Because I don't. Fuck her.

    Then while we all expected her to win the title and Summerslam - and we would have loved it, but they probably overthought the predictability aspect of something we've been calling for 4 months... all in all she may be suffering from Roman Reigns Syndrome. Since her singles run we just don't have a kayfabe reason to get behind her. (Sure, you're the boss, we get it, say something interesting) and while we love the talent there's a reason WE WANT SASHA is a louder chant than LETS GO SASHA, especially with Bayley having that new car smell still. Maybe give Bayley a main-event run (maybe with her winning dirty?) and give us yet another chance to miss Sasha instead of rushing her back? Idk

    now Sasha is taking Bayley's spot after a double pin, and they're in-between a rock and a hard place. Either Sasha wins and her losing the title at Summerslam was a waste of time, or Sasha loses two straight to Charlotte, which sucks. Maybe this is leading to some Dana shenanigans and they can protect her while giving her a mini-feud, but I don't see how they can possibly delay Sasha/Bayley III until Mania while keeping the division compelling.

    Who knows, maybe that'll get blown off on Raw too
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  8. Sasha/Bayley III is going to be milked by WWE, I highly doubt they'd give it away on RAW but we'll see it a few before 'mania.
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