Money in the Bank They should of kept the money in the bank match at Wrestlemania?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Lackin, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. keep 1 briefcase so more rivalry (Wrestlemania)

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  2. normal ppv and 2 briefcases

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  1. MitB match at wrestlemania?

  2. Depends. Considering the way they book midcarders normally, MITB is easier because although it's that match that fills time and puts lots of guys who wouldn't be on the show on the show, you're interested in the winner. But if they could book interesting midcard feuds then no, I think it'd be OK not to have MITB as the matches wouldn't be pure filler (Johnny vs Teddy was a good feud for midcard standards though). But I don't really mind, we either get it at WM or MITB, but we get it anyway.
  3. If it's Wrestlemania, one.
  4. One MITB match at Wrestlemania.

    They are awesome, full of impact and puts mid-carders over as hell. Also, as said earlier: It's a great filler and it never gets boring for me.. (If you let out Big Show)
  5. I think it should just be a WM match, the problem is, MITB always seems to be an awesome PPV now lol.
  6. :shock:

    MITB PPV AAAAND a match at WM!

  7. I like having it as it's own PPV. But the one advantage to it being at Wrestlemania, as mentioned, is that a lot of guys who might not be on the show otherwise can get thrown into the MITB match and collect a WM paycheck that way. But still, what if you want a ladder match at WM because it's the natural progression of a feud that is happening? I don't like having two ladder matches at WM.
  8. MiTB is probably my favorite PPV aside from Royal Rumble. Like someone said above, it puts midcards over, and gives the opportunity for some great story lines without really having a reason to. They can just throw the MiTB winner into a feud because you know why? He's the god damn briefcase holder, thats why. I love it.
  9. I dont really have an opinion on this. having it at WM or it's own PPV would be fine for me
  10. Pretty torn here. Yeah, having one match will make it feel special, but the opportunity to make 2 stars instead of 1 is great

    (Then again, look at the last 3 years, pretending Jack Swagger doesn't exist: 2010 Kane didn't need it but Miz was elevated, 2011 D-Bry got the push while it was wasted on ADR, this year Cena winning was retarded as Ziggler has a chance to become a star... May as well only have 1)

    It should definitely be at Mania. Having the PPV is nice but Mania really doesn't feel right without it.
  11. 2 briefcases are stupid

    one briefcase wm match

    so much better
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