They Should Pull A 'Dusty Finish' With Ambrose

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, May 15, 2015.

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  1. For those wondering what a 'Dusty Finish' is (which I hope isn't 95% of the forum), here you go:

    "The Dusty Finish is the nickname given to a specific ending to a wrestling match in which one wrestler appears to have scored a win only to have the decision reversed, often on some small technicality. Although Eddie Graham is usually credited with inventing the finish, it is named after Dusty Rhodes because Rhodes was famous for invoking the finish in his own matches when he was a wrestler/booker."

    One of the main uses for this finish is that it's a cool and effectual way of testing how eager the audience might be to witness someone win the WWE Championship for the first time. It's also, by extension, a great way to get the heel a lot of heat. For example, when Chris Jericho beat HHH for the WWF Title on Raw back in April of 2000, they reversed the decision and switched the title back to HHH later in the night, but for a short time it was a great way of seeing just how welcoming and accepting people were of Jericho as champion had the decision remained final (he got a huge pop for winning the title, to be exact.)

    In a similar fashion, I think it'd be cool to see them do this with Ambrose as a way of demonstrating how anticipated the people are to see Dean with the strap (or how much more they'd get behind him for getting screwed out of the title.) Payback isn't the place to do it at since the Fatal-Four Way match on Sunday will be a no disqualification match, but if Ambrose were to end up receiving a one-on-one title shot against Rollins at the Money In The Bank PPV, that'd be an ideal place to do it, especially since MITB next month is in Ambrose's home state of Ohio (he currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, but he was born in Ohio. That still means something.)

    Just imagine the shock and surprise when Ambrose pinned Seth and become champion in his home state, only to be screwed out of it on some bullshit technicality. (Or maybe he gets the title shot at the Elimination Chamber PPV since reports say that the Intercontinental and Tag Team Titles may be the only belts on the line inside the chamber. And perhaps being screwed out of the title there builds a lot of anticipation to see Dean win the briefcase at the MITB PPV a couple of weeks later. Either way would work.)
  2. I agree. Dusty finishes are good when done sporadically, since I really can't remember the last time they did one (Cena/Punk in 2012?) it'd be entertaining.
  3. Is it a forgone conclusion that Ambrose is going to get WWE title runs? ewwwwwwwwwwww
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    This seems like a 'keen' idea, though I side with D'Z tentatively.
    My conjecture has always been that the Shield was designed to be the pillars of this company, I can't help but believe Ambrose isn't WWE's cup of tea.
    He could certainly end up being more Foley than Austin.
    Considering the Attitude Era was a happy accident (something WWE was forced into for competitive purposes), who knows where Ambrose' future lies?
    It seems WWE 'teases' quite often (Bryan) so wouldn't a 'dusty finish' be the a glamorous version of teasing?

    Ambrose enigmatic character tunes me in. WWE wants 'safe' which makes me puke. My question is: Would this lead to a WWE championship run?
  5. I'll concede that if WWE were to do a dusty finish like this again anytime soon, it'd probably be with Reigns rather than Ambrose. The whole point of the finish is to create more anticipation for seeing someone win the championship by having them actually win it only to take that moment away from him and the fans just minutes later, but the problem is that since Reigns will almost certainly win the championship before Ambrose will, the finish would more than likely be used on him instead

    But then again, they didn't have plans to put the title on Jericho anytime soon when they did it with him back in 2000, so there's that. A huge part of the idea is that I doubt even the most casual of fans (at least most of them) believe Ambrose is gonna become champion anytime soon, so for a few brief moments, the surprise factor of seeing him as champion would be a cool thing to fool and tease people with.
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  6. HHH isn't above (or below) this type of booking. As noted, you mentioned Jericho. HHH was likely very much in on the meeting which led to the booking of his match with Jericho.
    The handling of Daniel Bryan's booking from Summerslam 2013 until Wrestlemania included a series of short stints and vacancies of the championship.
    The MITB briefcase is a valuable tool in dampening 'Cinderella' type WWE championship victories. HHH is surely aware of 'letting the air out of the bag' type booking.
    These 'dusty finishes' are generally appropriated for 'hard knock' wrestlers, no? Reigns accomplishments thus far in such short order would indicate otherwise.

    Your initial premise is accurate with Ambrose, provided they eventually follow through as with Jericho. Ambrose has organically developed a following as a face which is extremely rare, considering he never carved his OWN niche as a heel first.
    I get we've been conditioned to disregard Ambrose as a top guy, but he really does have the requisite skills. He isn't perfect, but he's drawn in the fans and does well with merchandise.
    Objectively speaking, the only thing holding him back is perception and the thought that WWE isn't 'that kind of company anymore'. HHH is being 'safe' for now, maybe that could change.
  7. This is looking more and more like the only smart outcome to come from this show.

    They cannot have Seth Rollins walk out with the championship. They cannot do it. It cannot happen. I tried to turn on a Raw show that you all recommended and couldn't get through five minutes of this Authority drivel. It must end.
    They can't end this show with more Kane ambiguity. They can't have him helping Rollins get the pin to protect a poorly-defined position that doesn't matter since he'll just be a wrestler all the same, just to have some lame staredown with Rollins or chokeslam him or whatever the fuck. They cannot go with the same old predictable booking patterns. They cannot just tell us to wait for Brock Lesnar to come back for anything entertaining to happen in the company since the time between Mania and Summerslam is must-not-watch TV anyway.. They cannot let this go down the way everyone is predicting yet again.

    Kane helping Ambrose win the belt would be beneficial in so many ways. It would let Kane "stand up for himself" and just get on with that horrible storyline, and give a desparately-needed dose of freshness and unpredictability to the product and do something to get us talking. Rollins and Reigns aren't working because they're playing the exact same damn characters that we've seen since the eighties. Something new HAS to happen.

    I suppose there's a big issue with the predictability of Rollins getting the belt back at either Chamber or Money in the Bank since the big match is Rollins vs Lesnar, but understandably so. Get the short term pop to go with your long-term plan. Nobody actually expects to see this. You try to turn every damn thing into a swerve already and wind up swerving nobody. You've got nothing to lose. Go with it.
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  8. They can. They will. [​IMG]
  9. well then me and my friend @Random Hero can and will... uhh... idk
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  10. Stop watching?
  11. I slightly disagree in a few areas. The summer generally kicks off well at MITB and levels off sometime around September. For that time, things are relatively hot.
    Seth Rollins isn't problematic, it's how WWE books the WWE champion. No matter who they've put there, the booking is watered down. They are trying to please too many and be PC.
    The last enigmatic champion was CM Punk. After him, each subsequent champion watered down their character to avoid bad publicity. (Lesnar is an exception for having limited dates)
    Put the title on Ambrose and watch him change. It will be the same formula unless WWE changes their public image, which they will not.

    Daniel Bryan had 'something' going after WM 30, but his injury derailed it. I suppose if Ambrose were allowed to retain his fanbase, the booking would follow suit. If the curb stomp 'ban' is any indication, I doubt this highly.
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  12. That's very true, and Ambrose will likely suffer a similar fate. You're right. (Obviously the talent of Rollins isn't the problem, hell I can't believe how well he's playing the character. Became a real nice talker)

    Sigh... Prince, you want to do it? On the count of five?
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Well, in fact they should definitely do this finish on the Ambrose/Rollins match now.
  15. As much as the idea of Ambrose's first reign to be pretty Bryan-esque it'd be a good way to see how much the crowd truly is backing him, and it'd be a smart way to rake in more Network sales since it gives off a sense that anything can actually happen in the WWE in the least expected times.

    I'd like them to pull a scenario reminiscent to the HBK/HHH match from RAW and have Ambrose hit a huge move, but he's so worn out that he doesn't go for a regular pin and his shoulders are on the mat the same time Rollins' are. Except they wait till the next night on RAW to reverse the decision. That way neither of them take a clean fall, and Ambrose has a legit claim to a rematch.
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  16. And that they did. :4/10:
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  17. Well, you called it.
  18. Too bad it was a shitty crowd. lool
  19. Credit where it's due you did call it. Not sure he'll pick up MITB however,that looks to be one for Reigns to set up a Shield triple threat down the road IMO.
  20. If they go with the rumored triple-threat at Summerslam between Brock, Rollins, and Reigns, then I figure the briefcase will be how Roman enters himself into the match ahead of time to make it a three-way.

    But I'd prefer if they kept Summerslam as a one-on-one affair between Lesnar and Rollins (as great as that aforementioned triple-threat match would be) and had Reigns (should he win the briefcase) hold onto it until Wrestlemania, like you said. Seth keeps the title until then, Ambrose wins the Royal Rumble, and Reigns states after winning the case that he's gonna wait until the biggest Wrestlemania of all time to cash it in and become the champion that he should have become this year. And from there, you have a triple-threat match.

    An alternate way of booking it (and one that's equally as satisfying, imo) is to give the briefcase to someone else, and instead keep Ambrose and Reigns' bromance tight until the Royal Rumble, and then book them as the last two remaining men in the match who are now forced to battle it out for that spot in the main event of Wrestlemania that only one pf them to have. The end of the match shows them both going over the top rope and hitting the floor at the same time, making both men the winner (ala Luger/Bret in '94.) With both men receiving the title shot and Seth still the champion, there's your triple-threat.
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