Night of Champions They wouldn't really do this... would they?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by C.M. Shaddix, Sep 2, 2015.

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  1. So, Sting is the challenger for the WWE title... am I the only one like "what?"

    Is WWE really gonna put the title on a man who has only wrestled in the WWE for one match? Just because of his legacy? No offense to the Stinger, but he's also like a part timer and special attraction like Brock, but Lesnar had enough heat to put the belt on him. Sting just shows just randomly after losing at Mania plus decking Bo and is just given the shot? Rollins should be facing someone else who has enough heat to get the match... not a guy who has only had one match and lost... Rocky only had like 4 but that gave him enough heat to get the belt on him. This is just like a disappointment (as usual for NOC)
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  2. You could've posted that here, since it's related to Sting/Rollins, but anyhow...

    My initial reaction to Sting appearing and being given the title shot was LOLWUT. I do not like that at all.

    I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it here, Sting (since arriving to WWE) hasn't done diddly-squat in order to earn a WWE-WHC match.

    Plus, him kissing Hunter's ass on this week's RAW was ridiculous! Don't get me wrong, I love HHH, but :really:?
    'Rollins isn't half the man HHH is?' Wake up, Sting. HHH had his goons and a sledgehammer help him defeat you.
    But, that's quite alright, you have to shake your foe's hand at the end and be at peace with it, because LOL.
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  3. Yeah, but at least sting was consistent. They did shake hands after the match and so he showed triple h that he has some respect for him. But that doesn't mean he respect Rollins. Inconsistent or not.

    in any case, they're not putting the belt on sting. And if they're going to just have sting lose all the time, then have sting get off the damn show.
  4. Sting jobs, who cares.
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  5. I think so, too.

    Vince never seems to get WWE>>>WCW out of his system. lol
  6. Seriously starting to wonder if Rollins has a shot of winning this clean... I doubt it, but Cena beating Rollins to get his US title back, then an exhausted Rollins beating Sting clean? Totally something they'd do.
  7. Of course they would. Not because it's a brilliant idea or anything, but it just seems like one of those boneheaded things they would do.

    I could see their logic to Sting earlier in the year being something like "We'll let you win the WWE Title at a later date, you just gotta put Hunter over at Wrestlemania in your very first match in the company first, hurr."
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  8. Sting is waaaaay past a chance to change it. He is paid to show up and wow people with his entrance and facepaint, not win titles. DDP was probably WCW's best bet IMO, but I bailed on wrestling during most of that business.

    Y2J is still the greatest champion of each company. Lionheart all day.
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  9. They should be using this match to set up Rollins and Triple H. Rollins beats Cena again but Triple H coming in and costing Rollins the title, because honestly, I have no desire in seeing Sting lose two matches in a row. I mean if he went over Triple H at WM, I wouldn't have a problem with him losing this match. And it doesn't have to be a long reign, Sting can just have a transitional reign, dropping the belt at Hell in a Cell via a Sheamus cash in.
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  10. Oh yeah, they're definitely positioning Rollins for a face turn and a match with HHH. But I don't think and I don't want Sting winning the title from Rollins.

    Knowing how lame WWE can be, I wouldn't put it past them if they let Sting defeat Rollins at NOC and then immediately have a Sheamus cash-in.
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  11. Rollins doesnt turn before TLC, i'll bet on that for sure.
  12. But this title match is the way to position Rollins for that face turn that makes the most sense. I mean come on, Sting getting a win the title, drop it at the next PPV reign shouldn't be that bad.
  13. I'm actually not expecting Rollins to turn any time soon. But, the fact that it was being hinted at the whole night on this week's RAW episode makes the dull main event scene a bit more interesting.
  14. It actually wouldn't have been that bad if he went over Trips at WM.
  15. I'm about to watch this shit now, suggest t me what to watch and skip plz and thank you.
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  16. If you wanna cringe and LOL like never before, then watch the opening segment with Sting. It's so ridiculous. lol

    Be sure to watch KO vs Cesaro and The Dudleyz vs The New Day. The New Day's pre-match promo was hilarious.

    Rusev/DZ and Ryback/Show were both OK matches, but the thing with 'em is they keep spamming the crappy finish to Rusev/DZ and Ryback/Show/Miz saga should've already ended.

    Everything else is pretty much skip-worthy.

    Oh, and watch the closing segment.
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  17. Yeah, I'm on the "I hope they don't give the strap to Sting" bandwagon
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  18. You don't Charlotte bro? WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! We need her as a smiley.
  19. I love Charlotte! I love Becky, Paige and Sasha, too. But, there was nothing even remotely good about the divas on this week's RAW.
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  20. Beat the clock challenges are often kind of lame. Sometimes, they can be cool but simply because they tried to make it seem like neither Charlotte nor Paige had a chance by having Becky win the first match so quickly, they fucked the whole thing over. I guess they thought that would be suspenseful... but what would have been better would have been having Becky set the mark to beat at about 10 minutes, have Paige in the second match not beat the clock and have Charlotte's match get really close to Becky's 10 minute mark and having her win maybe with about 10 seconds left on it.

    The method they went with was just awful.

    Oh and On topic,I agree that I could see them being stupid and giving Sting the belt to have Sheamus cash in. Honestly with some of the stuff they have pulled out last year and some of the REALLY bad Raw shows I would not be shocked. Not happy, but not shocked.
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