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  1. Hi hi, my name is Thierry Ashcroft.

    I'm from Leicester England and I enjoy the following promotions:
    WWE, Lucha Underground, NJPW, LCW (Leicester Championship Wrestling) and also TNA from time to time.
    My favourite wrestlers include:
    Dean Ambrose, Adam Cole, El Ligero, Pentagon Jr. and Kevin Owens
    My favourite PPV's are as followed:
    Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, Money In The Bank.

    I believe my brother is also on this forum.
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  2. Hi little boo
  3. Me- bringing relatives onto the forum since 2016
  4. Can you bring in Jamie Vardy?
  5. Nah people chat shit on this forum and i'm afraid they'll get banged
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  6. Good point, m8.
  7. King Barrett's brother? @Jacob Fox - Family Warfare coming.
  8. My my
  9. I'm rather late but welcome.
    Fun fact: El Ligero is my trainer
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