Things Guys Lie About

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Oct 25, 2012.

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  2. Ceebs to watch video but penis size has to be the first. Looking at you Dolph's.
  3. Is this a new video or did I miss the old one?
  4. Damn you, beat me to it.
  5. It's true. I lie about everything. From bus ticket price, girl, how much I drink, how much I weight, how old my grandmother is, to how many hrs I sleep. Some may call me a sleazeball, yes.
  6. 1.) This chick isn't funny
    2.) My dick is 3 1/2 inches Crayo. I've posted this multiple times. I'm proud of my rock hard flesh rifle
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  7. Literally cringed throughout the 1 minute of video that I watched. Was she talking to her dog or something? Sounded like it. Dumb whore.
  8. I think the point is to look and sound dumb. I donno. Just thought it was funny cause most guys lie about all that stuff. lol
  9. Yeah there is some truth in it, woman just really irritated me lol.
  10. But you can't live without us :otunga:
  11. Women lie too :hmm:
  13. Saw that one, got bored and started watching Elmo's World.
  14. :dawg:
  15. Hey don't laugh at Elmo, he's like the Rock when he talks :stfu:
  16. My right hand disagrees :smug:
  18. He's a puppet :haha: just sow him back together.
  19. :hmm: ....
  20. This chick in the video is annoying as hell
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