Things People Do Where You Live

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  1. What are some things people do where you live, that no where else seems to do?

    In Ohio... We call soda.. POP! :haha:
  2. We do that in Canada as well.
  3. :mog:


  4. Old people call it pop in England too, at least where i live.
  5. Us Californians smoke dank weed, get beat up by cops and revel in radiation.
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  6. I call it pop in Manchester.
  7. Yeah, i live close (Liverpool) but i only hear old people say it, like old relatives, "Do you want a can of pop?"
  8. Think its a bit more of everyone here it is in my area anyways.
  9. People in AZ say that too
  10. The only things i can think of now is:

    Everyone says Pop.

    The only thing people do differently where i live is speak with a different accent.
  11. In Manchester certain bands are damn near religions eg Joy Division, Oasis, The Stone Roses and I know when I travel I can mention 2 of them and people are like who lol.
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  12. I unfortunately do not have that problem, no matter where i go The Beatles will inevitably get bought up.
  13. Isn't gravy a northern thing?
  14. Joy Division is definitely worship worthy.
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  15. I think at least 80% of my town smokes weed. Okay at least the high school/college age group. That's probably pretty normal but I can't really think of anything else. I guess a lot, I mean a lot, of kids have e-cigs too.
  16. No i don't think so, Balm cakes (as in what you put your chips on) is though, met many a blank stare asking for them in chippys down south asking for them.
  17. Bloody hell the whole Barm, Roll, Butty debate lol.
  18. Yeah, incase anyone is wondering what i meant in my post it is these:


    Kind of like what you put a burger on, what do you call these where you live?
  19. Binge drink. WI and my area especially practically owns the bars-per-capita and has for many years. I know most states have it but WI has obese people and binge drinkers like none other.

  20. Binge drinking is a western epidemic.
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