Things that relax you

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 30, 2013.

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  1. We all have bad days or get in bad moods. What are some things that relax you?
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  3. Whelp. Guess weed wins.
  4. wooooo! weed top relax of WWEF!! :pipebomb:
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  5. Music for me.
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  6. I love music like this to relax to :

    This dudes stuff is amazing. And the videos look beautiful. I have most of his stuff on my ipod. I just zone out into my own thoughts and my own little world.
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  7. Music and video games, it takes me into sort of a trance where I am focussed on this one thing and nothing else exists and no worries.
  8. Cant say I've ever listened but I am now intrigued so that may be a project for tomorrow evening.
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  9. He has tons of music on his youtube channel. Nothing has words. It is just pure music.
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  10. Heading to the driving range and hitting a few balls with a few buddies and fishing.
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  11. I been to a few driving ranges. That can be quite fun... Until you pull a Brita and pull your shoulder. lol
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  12. Video games for me. Being left alone is another one. People just annoy me sometimes.
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  13. Music and ejaculating. Sometimes simultaneously.
  14. I like to go fishing. Needless to say with the way the weather has been my stress levels have remained unhealthy for a while.

    Thank GOD for beer.
  15. Playing them video games. Nothing feels better than Cod Ghosts and Gta V.
  16. Any kind of music relaxes me. There is music for any kind of mood that you're in
  17. Japanese Tentacle Rape Porn
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