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Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Jan 4, 2016.

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  1. Here's a fun little thread for you people to laugh. chuckle or get confused at.

    I've decided to spread the fun content tweeted by FunTNAMeccaQuotes over on Twitter. This is a account that tweets quotes from TNA's biggest fansite, TNAMecca. Which is known for producing some "odd" statements and for its general "TNA cannot do anything wrong, any criticism is a ban" mentality.

    First out.


    Do give FunTNAMeccaQuotes a follow on twitter. You'll probably enjoy the content.
  2. This post is for the ladies.
  3. I'm confused, the image shows a negative comment about TNA doesn't it?
  4. I guess anyone would get a lifetime ban by posting this on TNAMecca: :LOLTNA:
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  5. Legit question. Is there anything at this point in which can save TNA or have they forever lost their number two spot?
  6. It's just about everything. The guy running the twitter acc posts things he finds funny from mecca. Things said by both staff and members. Both positives and negatives and various other forms of brain gymnastics
  7. [​IMG]

    Let's ignore the logistical issues of getting from Japan to New York in less than a day
  8. "Let's leave our secure jobs to go work for TNA, maybe we'll even get an in to GFW!' lmao
  9. Well, maybe they have a time machine. :Rollins:
  10. According to TNAMecca. It's WWE crowds' fault that TNA crowds suck.
  11. Aren't NXT crowds basically what TNA crowds are/were?
    I swear someone would do a suicide dive and they'd start chanting T N A! T N A!
  12. You tell me. TNAMecca is a weird weird weeeiiiiir place
  13. I wanna link them this thread. I want them on here. I want to make fun of them, without getting banned. :sad1:
  14. They will always be a solid #2 or #3. There's nothing that can fill the gap, and as long as TNA has the Panda Energy machine behind it, it will be around. ROH has the power to do so, but they have a much smaller owner/financial backer. Meaning TNA will always make the bigger signings, run the bigger venues and have bigger TV slots. Of course, in the last few years it's been pretty much the opposite. But TNA is willing to put it all on the line for their TV Guide Channel, slot. I'm not exactly sure they'll be out of buildness since they've already been doing better numbers since the move. Might be a revival for TNA.

    As for what can save them, I'd say a much more respectable product. You look at TNA and you have Hernandez breaking laws and running amuck. Then you have talents who aren't even with the promotion doing another 5-6 months worth of TV. Then you have 80% WWE guys. Then you have horrible business deals. Then you have the Animal Planet deal. Then you have the constant flush of talent. The rumors of horrible pay and no pay. Low morale. Low attendance. Low ratings. Very thing roster. It's a combo of things that makes fans and wrestlers alike lose interest and faith in the promotion. They need to stop the months upon months of TV at a time. You'll have a WCW/Sid fiasco. They need to have a solid roster; not a fluctuating one that is here and gone within a months time. You need to have a much more original roster. I like that they're giving guys like Trevor Lee and Everett, shots at the big time. Maybe they'll stop being the butt of the jokes.

    And for once can they have a solid business deal. One day, they're touring India. Another, they're postponing. Another, they're touring. Another, they're postponing. It's so stupid. I haven't watched a full episode in over a year, and it's quite sad, since I felt that they were getting a revival.

    tl;dr - they are always going to be a #3 or #2 as long as they're around. In America at least.
  15. These guys will help them.

    Go on stop, let the hate flow
  16. What? Sinclair is bigger than both WWE and Panda energy/TNA. Meltzer himself has described them as being able to "buy WWE three times over with their pocket change" or something like that.

    They're just aren't stupid and work within a budget.
  17. Panda are a private company, no one bar their people have an idea of their financials. Sinclair are probably better off but trusting Meltzer in this case is a bit optimistic.
  18. Hearsay.
    TNA fans say " @Testify " buddy. Meltzer is an idiot douche. He said TNA was fucked 3rd qtr every year i've been on these forums.
  19. Usually Meltzer's actual reporting is accurate and met with a bunch of idiots blowing it out of proportion one way or the other.

    "Destination America is cancelling Impact." -Meltzer

    "LOLTNA IS DEAD! The ship has finally sunk! Go fuck yourself TNA you earned this for backstage reasons I heard on a podcast even though every time we watch the show it isn't bad!" -Most wrestling fans I see except those on here, we all have opinions which were our own, no?

    "Meltzer's full of shit! Remember those like three things he not wrong life five years ago!? He's clearly biased! Get your electronic pitchforks out!" -These twats, except properly spelled

    "SEE I TLOD YU OUT OF BUILDNESS IN A YEAR 3 YRS AGO!" -Me trying to get easy likes

    "Oh, they were cancelled? Well that sucks, maybe they'll get a new deal" -Reality
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