Things you hate about your job? (or weird experiences)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Jan 14, 2014.

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  1. Yeah, I usually do Drive-Thru and there was this hot sounding chick ordering. She messed up calling our Big King a Big Mac. I think she did it on purpose to hurt my feelings. Oh, btw I work at Burger King right now. I would correct her and she would start laughing. That's when I get my hopes up and I tell her to pull up to the window and she like says Ok and shit and it sounds sexy. But the problem is, she pulls up to the window and she looks like fucking @BrockLesnarFanForLife or some ugly shit like that. You guys ever have those problems at your job or you guys have any weird work experiences. I'm pretty sure @Aids Johnson has some stories.
  2. I worked at a Walgreens when I was in my teens and had a stalker. lol
    I normally would work in the cosmetic section, but someone had to leave early so I was at the front register. Some dude walks up, hands me a piece of paper and a cd and says something along the lines of "You don't know be, but I have seen you around..." He says a few other things and leaves. I open the paper and its a poem and the cd looked like it had love songs on it. I never seen the dude once in my life, or if I had, I didn't realize it. I felt nervous at work for the next month but I don't believe he came back.
  3. I work as an in-home therapist with several autistic children in my area. The only frustrating thing I don't like about my job is I'm scheduled a month in advance and if the child gets sick, I don't get paid for the hours I was scheduled for.
  4. Her mistaking those two means she has been eating the big mac too long to use common sense, hence the dogface and oblong features.

    At my last job it was the people who try and jew you down on everything. I cant change the fucking prices, and this isnt a fucking pawn shop. Bartending it was cocksuckers who order for a huge group and then tip $2 and say "youre welcome," they end up with half water in their shots or a "drink on the house" consisting of grenadine wash water and a shot of vodka on top. Hmm im sure i have a lot better rants but those come out after a few drinks, so who knows when that will be. I'll remember this thread for later, i'm sure.
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  5. I worked at t-mobile for a short stint (didn't meet the numbers to tech make it through the training) and you'd be surprised what some people will say to you over the phone. The one that springs to mind was some guy claiming to be a dirt bike racer. He was all "Have you heard of me? I have dvds out". I had never heard of his ass, but played along with his story as he was nice enough. Then on the flipside was people who were just looking to rage about their bill because the kids racked up a huge bill. So sorry, how about you PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR KIDS' PHONE USAGE!

    Oh and one time some dude said I had a voice that belonged on a radio show. I thought that was cool but weird to say.
  6. he probably posted on craigslist missed connections immediately after, surprised you missed it.
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  7. Lol, didn't even know that was a thing. HA, craigslist, priceless.
  8. What? Read the rants and raves, they are by far the best.
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