Things you hate or get annoyed by in wrestling

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by WarMachine, Jan 9, 2014.

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  1. This is basically the same as the "Things You Hate" thread, but this time. It's wrestling. For this thread, I expect a lot of "I hate when" answers. I'll start with a few.

    Hometown Disadvantage
    I don't know why, but it seems that guys are always booked to lose in their hometown. It's almost like Vince gets pleasure in watching the hometown guy get crushed. Take for example Survivor Series 2010 in Miami. MVP, hailing from Miami, was participating in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination match, and he got one of the biggest pops of the night. He was getting "305" chants and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, it didn't last long as he was the first person eliminated after about four minutes. Kinda deflating. Similar thing happened to CM Punk at Judgment Day 2009. They were in Illinois, a short distance away from his hometown of Chicago. The fans wanted to see their guy slay Umaga and walk away in victory. Well, needless to say, that didn't happen. And then Raw emanated from Long Island, the hometown of the one and only Zack Ryder. As we all know, he wasn't even booked on the main show, despite the crowd voicing their opinion with a number of "We Want Ryder" chants throughout the night. This makes me think that the Ultimate Warrior was onto something when he chose to be billed from Parts Unknown.

    Countless Originators
    TNA's Mike Tenay is mostly guilty of this one, and it bugs me every time. How many times have you heard him say, "Jerry Lynn was X Division before the X Division was cool," or "If it wasn't for Syxx Pac, there wouldn't be an X Division"? He's also done it with Jushin Liger, RVD, Jimmy Snuka- I'm sure there are many more. Anyway, my point is how many people can he credit with the same thing? I get that he's trying to put someone over, but come up with something a little more original. Same goes for when he and others continuously say a certain PPV or TV show is the "biggest night in company history." Perfect example would be the Royal Rumble. Every year, it's "the most star-studded Royal Rumble ever!" Another one happens at basically every TNA PPV, "That was the best wrestling match I have ever seen in all my years of working in the business!" It diminishes the meaning, and after a while, people just roll their eyes and stop buying it. Give me something different.

    Foreign Crowds
    Edge is Canadian, stop chanting "USA"! Same rule goes for Ezekiel Jackson- he isn't from the United States, so technically, a "USA" chant in favor of him and against his foreign opponent isn't helping anybody. I know they're trying to support the babyface, but come on, that just makes things awkward.

    "It's Over!"
    No, it really isn't. Let me paint you a picture. "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel lifts Shawn Michaels up for a Jackknife Powerbomb and nails it. You're thinking, "damn, it's over!" Then you hear Vince McMahon shout "It's over!", and you know the match will continue. Let's not pin it solely on McMahon though. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Taz, Mike Tenay, Tony Schivone, hell, even Jim Ross- they are all guilty of it. I can understand getting lost in the match as an announcer, and letting those emotions come out, but after years and years of hearing the same thing, it's going to start to wear thin and lose its credibility. Why not switch it up and shout that when the finish really is about to come? It's just gotten to the point where it has spoiled potentially awesome false finishes for me- finishes I would have bought had the announcers not uttered those words. It isn't even necessary to say it at all. I know many people don't like wrestling-to-sport comparisons, but I'm going to do one anyway to cement my point. It's not like you hear John Madden scream "It's over!" as the football is halfway in the air and heading for the receiver waiting in the endzone.

    Evil Referee
    The referee never sees the heel do something wrong throughout the course of a match. Don't get me wrong, I get that it's intended that way to build tension and get more sympathy from the crowd for the babyface, but it still bothers me. Always has, and probably always will. In a tag team match, the heels are double teaming on the face in the peril, so his partner naturally comes to help. The ref backs him away, "Get back to your corner!" Meanwhile, the heels continue beating on the poor guy behind the ref's back. This one is even worse: The face finally makes the hot tag to his partner after a lengthy beat-down period, but the ref doesn't see the tag! While the ref is arguing with the face partner, the heels clap their hands and switch places. The ref turns around and accepts that they tagged in. I remember watching those weekly TNA PPVs and former ref Rudy Charles would ALWAYS do that. He came across like the most incompetent ref on the planet on a weekly basis, and that counts the ones from the 2002 Western Conference Finals!

    Things That Make Matches All Of A Sudden Become Nonsensical
    The pin reversal spot that goes on and on forever, with them sunset flipping each other and getting two counts. Just ugh

    A guy who has a big top rope spot taking a MILLION years to get to the top rope then take a MILLION more years to play to the crowd and pose....miss the spot and the damn announcer go.."I think he took a little too long up there"...YA THINK!!!

    Waiting for a guy to get up to do a move like The Rock waiting for the opponent to get up to give them the Rock Bottom instead of manually picking them up to do the move more quickly.

    The Irish Whip
    Someone pulling your arm wouldn't make you run, nor would it make you bounce off the ropes right back into them.

    And I'll put more later
  2. It does not annoy me when commentators scream "it's over" as matches today especially big matches are overdone with finishers that you know its not going to take one Pedigree or Tombstone piledriver to win it. They say it to build the tension and try to grip you.

    The RVD was the x division before it existed is silly as people like Tiger Mask was doing that shit way before but of course its in the promotions best interest to say that as they want you to think what this guy is doing is unique as they hope it will keep you watching.

    If your going to question the irish whip then you might as well question other basics of wrestling.

    The USA chant when there is not anyone of that country is the dumbing down of society and also Americans have always been over the top when it comes to patriotism.
  3. What Chants, Boring chants 30 seconds into a match, Stupid signs that make no sense, Scott Hall never winning a World Title, and everyone hating on angles that have already done 1000 times before, regardless of how well it's presented.
  4. I hate and cringe when I hear Mike Tenay's voice and see JB's fat head.
  5. CM Punk chants
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  6. When fans are dicks and commentators are more entertaining than the show.
  7. What chants really annoy me lol.
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  8. When things such as big returns and stuff get ruined via leaks I like surprises
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  9. Spoilers.
  10. I hate how in a regular singles match one shot with a foreign object(belt,chair,ect) is all but guaranteed to get a three count but in a stipulation match dudes can whale on each other with every weapon imaginable and barely get 2 counts. like changing match stips suddenly dictates how much punishment dudes can take lol
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  11. Surprise run ins with music, your buddies being beat up? Shit son you wait your ass down a minute head over to the sound guy get prepared so your music hits just as you run out and go.
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  12. haha I made fun of this in my Impact review last week. Bully was about to set Joseph Park on fire and Anderson's music hit before he ran out.
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  13. This sounds like a masterful plug for your review :adr:
  14. I mean D'Z reviews is your one stop shop for all things wrestling, but that wasn't my intention at all :lol1:
  15. -When a wrestler is a special guest referee for a match and just because of that alone can be knocked unconscious by a simple bump that would barely faze him at all if he were in his normal wrestling gear. I know it's rarely happened but it has happened. Flair, for example, a 16-time world champion, was a special guest referee at Backlash 2002 and we're supposed to believe that just because he donned a referee shirt that he was able to be knocked unconscious by a mere SHOULDER BLOCK like any other normal official would be.

    -When the rules change depending on whether they're convenient or not for the storyline. You could make an entire topic out of this one but I'll stick to using the Royal Rumble as an example since it's an upcoming match - the rules used to state that you couldn't eliminate yourself or be eliminated by anyone not in the match. But then they changed. Then they changed back. And then they changed back again. Savage, for example, was allowed back into the ring in 1992 after jumping over the top rope. Same in 2005 when they didn't count Angle putting Michaels over the top as an official elimination but when Shane threw Michaels out the next year, they did.
  16. I hate that rule changing shit too. One minute the Hardys aren't eliminated from a tables match because you have to be "put through a table, not fall through it yourself" and the next minute Cena is losing the WWE title from slipping off the top rope onto a table. That might be a PG thing. More than one broken table might be too much for the kids to bear.
  17. It happened in Miz vs Orton too, it's just covering botches.
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