Things you hate

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  1. I hate the color Green
    I hate rubbing my eye after smoking a cig and it burning
    I hate being on a date and trying so hard to make my fart silent, only for it to stink
    I hate maintaining facial hair
    I hate doing favors for people
    I hate breakfast food
    I hate Lazy people
    I hate needing glasses
    I hate the corners of the walls (night)
    I hate when people talk with their mouths full of food
    I hate when people piss really far away from the urinal.
    I hate when people talk to me at the urinal
    I hate having to shit in public
    I hate when people suggest me things and I watch/listen/read and then when I suggest them things they never watch/listen/read
    I hate people who legitimately think less of you if you smoke cigarettes.
    I hate mouth breathers
    I hate waking up after a night of booze
    I hate running out of booze
    I hate running out of cigarettes

    Put some things down that you hate
  2. Cooking with habeneros and then rubbing your eye, itching your nose, or taking a piss.
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  3. Piss breaks during movies? I hate that
  4. I hate Adam
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  5. haha it's been so long since i went to one that had a piss break. It was the worst, shittiest idea ever. The one i went to was a really, really bad Jeff Daniels one in 2003-2004? And the movie itself was a solid 4 hours, nearly 5 hours with the longest piss break of all time. "dont forget your popcorn and soda refills!" They said over the intercom, while everyone was pissing buttered guu out of their ass for a first run.
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  6. Stole my answer, dammit.
  7. lmfao don't forget popcorn and soda refills? So, don't forget to waste 20 bucks they meant. I'm all about packing my shit full of candy/pop

    Oh and I get cans and am obnoxious as possible while opening. Everyone knows who the guy that snuck in pop is.
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  8. lol my favorite was jackass 2, we snuck a case between the girls purses we were with, and even ripped a j in the back. Damn was that stupid, but so great.
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  9. Sounds like a good time to be honest.
  10. I hate when people interrupt me.
    I hate when people don't listen to me.
    I hate when people chew really loud.
    I hate Ryback.
    I hate society.
    I hate driving on the snow.
    I hate the never ending story.

    Seriously, fuck that movie.
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  11. It was only half packed and it was the entire back and literally none in front, so the J ripped and people started looking around and just laughing harder. Security came up and around but thats why you roll one before. The beer we barely touched.
  12. Now that's a great time man. Oh the good ol' days
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  13. I hate small talk.
    I hate attention whores.
    I hate people who touch my stuff without asking.
    I hate people who change my music without asking.
    I hate being forced to listen to other music while working.
    I hate pop music(with the exception of a few) when it's not a party.
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  14. There are very few things I hate. The others I can tolerate.

    I hate when people don't listen and interrupt me all the time when I'm talking.
    I hate when people make assumptions about who I am without even trying to get to know me.
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  15. I hate having to poo in public or at work.
    Hate being talked to like a moron by jobless alcoholics, druggies because I work at McDs. I have a job f**k off!
    I hate Twilight. Sparkly vampires get lost.
    I hate running out of toilet roll at work and having to cubicle dash with my pants round my ankles.
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  16. maybe I should start by listing things I don't hate...
  17. I hate loud noises.
    I hate loud people.
    I hate most people.
    I hate hipsters.
    I hate feeling light headed when I wake up.
    I hate holding in a poo.
    I hate short replies, fuck you if you text/reply to me something like K or Alright after I write more than one sentence.
    I hate people who try to draw attention to them.
    I hate getting soap in my eye.
    I hate large groups of people.
    I hate having to wait for a new TV episode to come out if I'm watching it weekly, especially if it ends in a cliff hanger.
  18. K
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  19. Alright.
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  20. I hate the Packers
    I hate the Bears
    I hate the Vikings
    I hate most college football fans
    I hate Math
    I hate getting a haircut
    I hate going to the mall
    I hate it when my friends are lazy
    I hate Paranormal Activity
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