Things you just bought?

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  1. Anything you just bought. We can just keep on updating this shit.

    I just bought 6 seasons of Smallville. @Danielson said something about how it was a good show. I fucking love it. Except, it's very weird that he learns his heat vision powers from sexual urges.

    Plus, I got 2 DGUSA "Do You Feel Lucky?" packs. The Many Adventures of El Generico, PWG Sells Out vol. 3, and some shirts.​
  2. Some New Balance trainers.
  3. The Jungle Book on Blu Ray
  4. PS4... it was a gift... my bad, didnt bought it, still cant believe though
  5. Fleshlight
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  6. Some gifts for B-Days commin up
  7. An afro pick, 2 comic books, a charger for my MacBook, and a literal shit ton of video games.
  8. 27 Anime BDs.
  9. Augustines tickets.
  10. Good man! Way to listen to me!
  11. The episode where he is exposed to Red Kryptonite kind of makes me cringe. He acts so douchey and it's cool yet I just don't like how Supes is being douchey.
  12. Don't ever try cocaine.
  13. The past week 8 box sets of Naruto, PWG All-Star 2013 Night One and Night two, TNA Brown Bag special, Mickie James shirt, four pairs of Jeans from Express and Holister and Hair Clippers.