Things You Will Never Forgive WWE (WWF) For....

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by King Of Armageddon, Aug 14, 2017.

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  1. In this thread, I want you to find some things that really irritated you or you didn't like, that WWE chose to do. This is your chance to shine light on one or more reasons why you have some or all distaste for WWE. You can post a gif, video clip, image or even describe it. Please try to not be too vulgar or overly ridiculous with the posts.

    Example: Vince McMahon's Kiss My Ass Club

  2. Blue Blayzer gimmick for Owen althouh its more Russo's fault. .
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  3. Hmmm....never heard of it, I'll have to search that one. Thanks.
  4. Damn that's sad, just Googled it.
  5. ~ Removing Kane's mask...the first time...

    ~ Wasting Gail Kim...twice...

    ~ The never-ending career crushing push of Roman Reigns...
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  6. Oh yeah! I remember the first removal of Kane's Mask. They made him look horrible.... ugh!
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  7. Yeah I guess they wanted him to be very hideous so they just "winged" the idea for a look lol. But all in all, it wasn't too bad compared to some other things they've pulled.
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  8. Not giving Raven any proper use.
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  9. The wrestler from the attitude era?? If so, I agree.
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  10. Wow, Looking back as to how things were in the WWE/WWF And looking at it now. ALOT has changed. I Personaly miss the Attitude Era.
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    It's nostalgic for me because I grew up watching WWF during that time. However, I can't say I miss it. Some of it was gold.

    Dr. Austin hiding out in the ER to beat the crap of Mr. McMahon in the hospital was pure greatness.

    The Zamboni and beer truck were classic.

    DX and its "suck it" antics were classic. Lots of us got in trouble at school when the teachers finally figured out what all that about.

    However, it got out of hand as it had to be topped week after week and it became downright childish and in many cases weird.

    Sexually assaulting women on camera and emasculating people in the ring with "I choppy choppy your pee pee". Not so much. I am sure I could remember worse if I had some time.

    Let's not forget about the wrasslin' either. It wasn't even the central point of the show anymore, yet when they did wrassle they injured the crap out of some good athletes. People, myself included, had no idea how dangerous some of those moves were in the days before Internet forums, and they didn't even save for them for the big events. It was weekly pile drivers and chair shots to the head. And the blading was out of hand as well.

    I for one am glad to see it back to child friendly. I want to be able to watch it with my boy, and take him to the shows then they come in town. If my folks had known what was going on in 1999 I promise you they wouldn't let me watch it. I knew that and I intentionally watched it without them.

    No way in hell I'd let my grade schooler watch attitude era.

    We have better talent and more of it these days. They just need to find a way to properly utilize it.
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  12. Honestly, There's not a whole lot I remember from the 90's. I was born in 91, So Im sure i've seen at least some good show's on tv. I liked Mankind, Steve Austin ppl like that. Raven.... etc. You are right. The differences between now and then is less violent, Less Bloody, etc.
  13. Yeah the AE was over the top and there are various reasons why you don't want to bring it back the main one being IMHO wrestler health. The good stuff was pure gold but there was a lot of trash and watching it now it has not aged well. Austins antics and the Rock pure gold though.

    PG is fine with good booking, most of the WWF/E 5 star matches have been PG. Most of my favorite matches and events/storylines were all PG.

    WWE treatment of Sting and a few other WCW stars was kinda shitty as well, Goldberg's initial run comes to mind, DDP etc. It was just petty and stupid. Sting vs Undertaker le sigh did not happen (at least since Mark Calloway was in the ring).
  14. Say what you will about the Attitude Era but it was waaaaaayyy more entertaining. Yes it's true if you go rewatch it today, it'll probably having you scratching your head to why you (or other fans) even used to watch it. But here's the main reasons why:

    1. It's not the 90's or early 2000's anymore so certain topics, references, styles, music choices, jokes, etc. will not resignate with you or other the same way it once maybe did, making it difficult to be relatable. Time has changed so much in the last 20 years.

    2. The objectifying of women was still something blatantly used in programming whether for the sex appeal, humiliation or some form of machismo. But we've made better choices and smarter choices in some sense (maybe not big changes) but especially in WWE, it's no longer revolved around tits and ass ONLY for women to get their recognition or respect.

    3. Because of the change in time, most of us already know that thrill factor, patience and proper/smart support is not the same as it once used to be. There are a lot of these fans who are more concerned with trolling superstars for whatever strange reasoning, they want everything to happen FAST and RIGHT NOW (example, some fans would jist like their favorite new wrestlers to just have a title belt from day one rather than they earn it along a journey) and I personally feel some fans can be unappreciative even after the fact that WWE tried to give them what they (complained) asked for.

    So maybe we don't need the excess of bleeding (from blading or whatever), the skimpy slutty trashy absent-minded type of female personas anymore or the odd goofy gimmicks that would lose the audience. However I feel like the way the writing was done was a lot better. I feel the roster was way more filled, to the point they could RIGHTFULLY do a brand split. In my opinion, we have "one" decent roster that now suffer at times because they split it and now the option in opponents tend to be limited or repetitive. All I'm asking for is someone who will finally have the charisma and charm of The Rock or the attitude of Stone Cold Steve Austin or the mindset of Triple H or the actual darkness of The Undertaker. No, he or she don't have to be a clone but just become a true character that works for you. Which I think we still get this with Cena and Reigns and Styles and Owens even Rollins and Ambrose and few others. But Idk, these guys don't stand out like the guys from the past once did. I do trust that WWE is still trying to get to that point minus a lot of the excessiveness and lewd, vulgar behavior. And yes, it should always be reminded that we live now in the age of being overly critical about everything and exposing hidden truths so.........there's goes the kayfabe at times.
  15. Making Trish Stratus crawl around, bark like dog and strip was pretty awful...
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  16. Kane having 1 night as WWE Champion.
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  17. Oh God...that was the worst!

    Was that ever revealed to be an accident?
    I mean there is always a margin for error
    in first blood matches...


    I miss that stipulation.
  18. The Anonymous GM gimmick, that was soooooo asinine without a doubt.
  19. Having Undertaker lose to Brock to break the streak. Would have been better to have someone else do it that needed it, not a part timer who is almost always over.
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    • Triple H going over Sting, there was no reason for it at all.
    • Not putting Randy Savage in the HOF as the headliner, dead or not, it's The fucking Macho Man, and to top it, making it seem like Nash had more of an influence on wrestling and wrestling fans than Savage did.
    • Leaving Punk out of the main event of 'Mania literally a few weeks before just so they could do the exact same dream match again which is just a stupid idea.
    • Splitting up Enzo and Cass up for this stupid Attitude Era-esque swerve when it damages both guys, the fans and draws less money with the both of them, not the least they were the modern day NAO.
    • After reading about and hearing what happened in the lead up to the Blue Blayzer/Owen Hart incident, was just completely mindless and if I was in their position I would feel like the guiltiest person in the world at fault or not directly, waste of a life and of time.
    • Goldberg presented by WWE.
    • Ending Undertakers streak.
    • Vince literally saying on-air that Cesaro is shit and has a PG show then bitches no one can get over when they do all by themselves but still thinks they're not.
    • The Bray Wyatt/Undertaker feud, it was so lame and should've been so much better.
    • Wrestlemania 32.
    • Retiring the Dudleyz to The Club who then do comedy skits.
    • Stephanie McMahon
    • Stephanie McMahon
    • Stephanie McMahon
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