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  1. Basic game.
    Post something about yourself.
    The next person will put what they would say.
    Then what they are actually thinking.
    Then post something about themselves for the next person.


    "I have a cat named Bacon."
    Say: Aww, I love cats!
    Think: Who the f names their cat after food!?

    Get it?

    I'll start.

    I didn't know how to ride a bike (w/o training wheels) until I was 8 years old.
  2. Say: That's kind of normal.
    Think: Lol, that's embarrassing.

    I still can't tie my shoe laces..
  3. Say: LOL, what a noob.

    Think: Neither can I.. :okay:

    I'm the most annoying person on the forum. :dawg:
  4. Say: You? naww!
    Think: Why would a panda be sad?

    I use to think the D-fence signs at football meant dog pound. :haha: I'm a moron.. :sad:
  5. Say: Yes you are
    Think: Yes you are

    :pity: :dawg:

    I don't know what to say.
  6. Say. Wow
    Think. You killed Brits game off.

    I've died for a minute then been brought back.
  7. Say: How did that happen?
    Think: WITCHCRAFT!!!!!

    I just burnt all my cookies... :sad:
  8. Say. I got pneumonia after falling off a bridge after being spiked, and was there all night in winter. Was found by a dog walker and taken to AE and died shortly after but was ressurected. I have no memory of any of it just what my family have told me and doctors and the guy who found me who met my parents.
    Think. LOL at ur cookies was excited for u.

    I have over 450gb of music on two hard drives.
  9. Say: Damn!
    Think: Damn!


    I use to have a crush on Billy from Green Day :eww: :dafuq: was wrong with me!?
  10. Say. Green Day are awesome.
    Think. Why Not.

    Used to be engaged.
  11. Say: Aw, what happened?
    Think: Bet the hoe cheated on you!


    I once say in the nose bleed section at a baseball game, and my nose bled :blown:
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